"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

mercy, all toilets should.

our toilet doesn't flush with gusto.
that means that this porcelain beauty has had the pleasure of guarding my door step all day.
the scout master says it reminds him of a high school prank.
this coming from the man that used to unplug beth's alternator on her vw bug.
he and his friends would stand across the street and watch her try to fix it.
mean boys.
new dishwasher.
glory be, i didn't know how much i loved having one until it was broken.
the sweet sound of water running through it is music to my ears.
2 weeks without a dishwasher will drive you insane.
at least for the first few days.
new toilet,
currently being installed.
hopefully the new one will flush with gusto.
b/c mercy,
all toilets should.


The Jackson Family said...

YES, they should! And I don't know how you can still be alive today without having a dishwasher for TWO WEEKS!

Amy said...

Slow flushing toilets are annoying! And going without a dishwasher is a good way to go crazy quick. I once had an extra toilet lying around. We pranked it all over our friends and back. Really. It traveled all the way back to us. My parents were less than amused.

Sue said...

A new dishwasher is like a new lease on life.

A toilet, too.



Emmy said...

My in-laws toliets have the weakest flush, drives me crazy! I often have to flush several times.

Court said...

hahaha, i TOTALLY remember when sean and seth and chris did that kind of thing. oh, boys will be boys.