"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, August 23, 2010


i remember someone telling me that whatever you make it will never be enough.
unless you decide that it is enough.
b/c you'll always spend what you make.
but dangling catnip in front of a cat never makes a cat happy either.
at least, not if you're not going to give the cat its catnip.
unless they've never tasted catnip.
so maybe you just shouldn't buy catnip in the first place.
too late, your cat's already smelled it walking down the aisle.
you might as well open the bag right there in the store.
and decide it's enough:-)
or you could just let the cat never taste what it now knows to dream about.
mercy, those eyes.


Emmy said...

Yes very easy to just spend what you make

Synergy Girl said...

That is the best picture of your men...!! And heavens...those eyes...they are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Amy said...

So very true. Budgeting is so hard but oh so necessary. And your boys make me laugh! Awesome picture!

Jess said...

B really is a monkey- as in monkey see monkey do!

Sue said...

Love both of these pictures! (And the one of your two guys cracks me up.)


Missy said...

em, I'm lost with your post and even more lost in those amazing baby blues! goodness golly miss molly...er maxi! ;)