"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

potty couch

he wasn't in his diaper any longer than usual.
in fact, he had a fresh one sooner than usual.
apparently, he needed a new diaper.
earlier than usual.
haven't decided if i'm glad that he was sitting next to me or i would have rather had him sitting on me.
tough call.


The Jackson Family said...

Are you sure he wasn't just aimed out a little? That must've been one loaded diaper!

Lauren said...

and, gross as it is, I'd vote on me-- clothes and people are so much easier to wash!
I hate when Carson gets a leaky diaper at night (usually when I put it on not-so tightly in the dark) and it leaks onto the mattress and I end up having to sleep in it. Ew.
The joys of motherhood--- you just have to laugh! I mean, really-- I never would have expected to not be upset when someone pees on me, you know? Like that it's just a part of life now... and you laugh and move on.

keri said...

That happened to Maddie on Sunday. Twice! First time it was in her bed, in which I was laying with her. Soaked my back, gross!! Second time it was at church and she was on Christi's lap. Weird, cause that never happens. She was in both diapers less time than usual.

Sue said...

Ah well. It happens, right?


Jess said...

Good thing kid pee on the couch is somehow not as gross as grown up pee on the couch, right?

Emmy said...

Doh! That was like Ryder's diaper that he pooped out of, I had just changed him, it was a clean dry diaper.

Amy said...

I vote for on me (never thought I would say that). Much easier to clean up, and you can make sure the smell is completely gone. But still, not fun to add that to your stress of packing. Just remember. Breathe! :)