"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

you are my sunshine

you are my sunshine,
my only sunshine,
you make me happy,
when skies are gray,
you'll never know dears,
how i much i love you,
please don't take my
yesterday i almost lost it.
brennan had pushed max over one too many times.
the tv was broken.
my computer was still broken.
my phone was broken.
sean wasn't supposed to be home until after 8pm.
at 7:05pm, less than an hour felt like a lifetime.
i literally had to talk to myself out loud, telling myself not to yell at my kids.
definitely not my best hour.
but we made it.
and by some small miracle i didn't yell.
did you know that if you smile really big.
while you're talking to your kids when you're frustrated,
it's actually kind of funny,
and relieves some of the stress?
well, it does.
i laughed at myself in crazy town.
'cause that's where i was.
fed and dressed the babies in jammies.
put one baby in bed.
the littlest one.
and then read a book to the pork loin.
sean came through the door at 8:01pm.
i blinked.
a long one.
we were reading "the giving tree."
boy mama, boy!
brennan always finds the boy in the pictures.
i sighed in relief.
i felt that huge sense of accomplishment.
the kind you feel when the day felt like it was never going to end.
but then it does.
and i wonder why it was so hard.
b/c it's really never that bad.
it's always pretty good.


Amy said...

"Things aren't so bad. Things are good." That is what Keith tells me when he is having a bad day. I love hearing him say that, and it helps remind me that even though things may get tough, it isn't so bad. At any rate, they really can be your sunshine most of the time. And they are both so incredibly adorable I think staying frustrated for too long would be difficult. :)

Sue said...

We all hit a hard day now and then, especially with little kids! Sounds like you weathered it well.