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Monday, July 6, 2009

o say can you see?

be so amazed at how patriotic we can be.
the scout master, up since 5:30am "doing flags," and finally getting his grub on.
our ward does a breakfast.
every. year.
at least they always have.
for 50 years, or some impressive number like that.
the new bishopric has brought rumors of possibly cancelling the tradition.
half of the ward over 65 is threatening to go inactive.
yup, my husband the scout master is in charge of all of those flags.
i'm so proud:-)
later we swam.
the pork loin was put through unspeakable embarrassments.
grandma gigi found it at a yard sale of course, where else?
we wore matching t-shirts with our friends.
yup, we're THOSE kind of people.
it was great:-)
all they had left were men's sizes, so stace and i toughed it out in men's mediums
(which i had the saleswoman pull of the mannequins the day before the holiday. the last two. $1 a piece).

em, sean, p.l., stace, ryan, gavin

and of course we did all this to ONLY patriotic music...

eerrrr, i mean michael jackson...

does that count?


Emmy said...

Looks like you had a great 4th! My parents ward has had a 4th of July breakfast for as long as I can remember too.

Amy said...

Once upon a time, I had that same stroller. It's a dream, isn't it? sounds like you had an amazing time!

Lauren said...

looks like a really fun day! and i love matchy matchy outfits... i also am one of "those" people. :)

Sue said...

We've always had a 4th of July breakfast (our ward) but for some reason, this year we didn't do it! Maybe the budget is shot.


The McCabes said...

Remember a few summers ago when we camped out all day and watched fireworks in Idaho Falls? Good times.

Proudfeet said...

So patriotic! The tube suit in Brennan cracks me up!

Buckeye Nut said...

Our family looks so forward to the breakfast, I really hope they don't cancel it. The kids also LOVE the addition of Troy's candy cannon.

beck said...

I love love love the tube suit, can't believe we missed that. Oh geez! Thanks for the great memories and many more to come! Thanks for helping us have the 4th of July spirit matchy matchy style! loved it!

Jess said...

Love the tube suit- it's a good look for Pork Loin. The Schroeder dreads flag day- he has to get up early too and there are always complaints to field after :(

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

Sounds like you had a fun 4th of July! I love how you explained the rumor status of your ward; totally laughed!

Missy said...

Ooo, ooo, ooo! So glad to see someone was able to take advant of the buck T's!! Yea, Gibsons! Oh and PL in the jumpsuit?!?! Classic - along with his Classic Expression! Sheesh, wish we shoulda-woulda-coulda spent it togetha! :( *wimper*