"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

just call me a bear, but not yogi.

all this means
haunting me.

brennan woke up early enough that we played in the snow in the dark.
or maybe it's just that someone decided to change daylight savings.
or standard.
wait, doesn't it make it darker when the time changes in the fall?
i can never remember.
time change is only annoying when you have babies.

i don't mind the dark mornings.
i'd like them better if i could stay in bed.
i just mind when i have to get up before 7.
i prefer 8.
but i fear those days are gone, gone, gone.
or before the sun.
which in summer doesn't count.
b/c the sun is on crack cocaine in the mornings.
way too chipper and bright for me at 6am in the summer.
but winter.
just call me a bear that wants to hibernate the mornings away.
except today.
the snow put me in an extra good mood.
i could see the glow through my blinds and knew.
the glow that makes your neighbor's lights a little brighter than normal.
from the reflection of white.
i jumped out of bed.
forgetting that i was annoyed at brennan's early rise.
put on all of our garb.
and watched the sunrise through my christmas berry trees.

when the hour of morning became normal,
we went back in for max.

she looks older today.

bless her.


Sarah said...

Awh, Max is such a beautiful baby:) Thank heaven for little girls, they are so fun!

keri said...

I need you to pass some of that Winter chipperness on to me. I'm really not looking forward to this winter.

Sue said...

Those berries peeking through the snow are beautiful. I have to admit it!


PS. And so are your kids!

Amy said...

You are amazing! I really admire that you can get up and go outside when it is so cold! outside play generally doesn't happen here until after afternoon naps. I am sort of afraid of the cold. Bless you!

Are those Brennan's pj bottoms? Amazing and brave Gibson family is all I have to say.

Emmy said...

That is a lot of snow already!