"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, October 30, 2010

my nose itches.

brennan was the firefighter.
max was the fire.
i was the Dalmatian fire dog.
sean was the fire hydrant.
remember last year?
brennan sobbed about being a firefighter for 3 1/2 minutes today after his nap.
he had changed his mind over the past two days.
and now wanted to be a ghost.
i told him max was going to wear his firefighter costume if he didn't.
he immediately wanted to wear his firefighter costume.
then he stared at himself in the mirror for 10 minutes.
i am glad halloween night is over.
i'm exhausted.
{in utah if halloween falls on a sunday that means we celebrate it saturday night. and friday night, for that matter.}
and my nose has been relentlessly itching for the past 4 hours.
i only itched it once and was covered from wrist to finger tip in black makeup.
i asked sean how much candy brennan had had after i opened a 4th piece of candy.
he scowled at me and said that question is not allowed on halloween.
i lifted my eyebrow and nodded my head in agreement.
i love the excitement of the first house you knock on and the first trick or treaters that come to your door.
halloween just reached an entirely new level of fun in our house.
bring on the turkey.


keri said...

You guys are cute! I agree with the new level of fun this year. We skipped the truck or treat and took Maddie to my sisters house in Riverton to do some Trick or Treating in her sub division. You should have seen how excited she was. It seriously makes holidays so much more fun when your kids remind you of that excitement that we felt as kids. I love it!

Amy said...

What darling costumes! I didn't dress up this year and feel like such a fuddy duddy. Next year I will start on my costume super early.

My favorite way to get Keith to do something I know he wants to do but is just being stubborn is also to threaten to "give it to Faye" or whatever. That gets results so fast! Is it causing sibling rivalry? I don't know, but a little rivalry never hurt anyone, right?

LOVE today, and I love your costumes and your thoughts on Halloween. The excitement is awesome.

Sue said...

Great job on the family-themed costume.

And I think Sean has it right. No candy counts on Halloween! (I've always thought it's better to just let them eat it fast than have some every day forever...)


Sarah said...

So cute! Love the costumes. :) You are so creative! Definitely agree with the "no-limit" rule for candy on Halloween. :)

Lauren said...

Sooo cute! I love love love all of your costumes. Next year I am going to be more creative. :) You guys are just so darling!

Brooke said...

Blake had the same costume as Brennan- it was so cute and I love brennan's in black. Blake's was tan. Very cute family costumes- we don't put in any effort past our kid- no wonder you are exhausted! Good for you for being festive!!!

Erin Ellsworth said...

you guys are so cute. good job with the costumes

Erin Ellsworth said...

you guys are so cute. good job with the costumes

Emmy said...

Love love love that first picture. Glad he stuck with the fireman.