"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, October 18, 2010

hello, my name is emily, and i am a spoiled brat.

max puts her fingers and toes through the holes of her blanket when she sleeps. bless her.

having a fenced backyard and a garage were the two things i was looking forward to the most about our new house.
and what do ya know.
the dang garage is the thing i dread most in the mornings.
it opens.
then it closes.
and the babies are up.
i like it the rest of the day.
just not the part where it wakes the babies up in them morning.
dang house builder.
putting the babies rooms over the garage.
imagine me laying in bed,
one ear plug in,
eyes closed,
praying my guts out that the babies will go back to sleep.
they didn't.
so there i am cursing the garage.
that i absolutely swore i was going to love.
and i do.
just not at 7:30 in the morning.

freak, most babies don't sleep that late anyway!

what am i saying???!!!

agh, i'm so annoying!

i hope you're annoyed with me.

sitting here complaining about a garage.

a garage i'm lucky to have!

i just want a more quiet one.

more than anything, i'm just upsest b/c i went to bed too late, which made 7:30am feel like misery.

and i'd also like a piece of cake.

and i'd also like to eat it too.

although, i think i already am.

i think this is what mr. wallace would call ironic.
don't you think?
he hated that song.
b/c it really wasn't ironic.
but this is.
it really is.


just call it like you see it.

my name is emily,

and i am a spoiled brat.

i'm going to leave my car out in the driveway,

let it snow,

and have to wipe all of the snow off,

like i have been for the last 7 years.

then i'll appreciate my garage again.

i want her clothes.


Gilbert Family said...

7:30 isnt too bad but whatever wakes them up besides nature puts me in a bad mood too. i cant get over her outfit. i would wear it everyday if i could ;) you make cute bebes :)

The Jackson Family said...

I know what you mean, the garage door at my tri-level was majorly loud. I'm surprised it wouldn't wake up Tyler but it would wake ME up!

And 7:30? Yes, you're spoiled!

Sue said...

She's so cute.

Can't believe that your kids even sleep till 7:30 am. That's crazy. When do they go to bed?

Annoying about the garage, but you're right. I'm not crying too many tears over it...


beck said...

ah that would be annoying. Guessing you already have noise machines in both the kids rooms. That might help but I really have no clue. Our garage is pretty close but not directly below the rooms. I can't believe you guys can already park in your garage! But then I guess you can keep stuff in your basement or maybe you just don't have THAT much stuff yet. How is the unpacking going?

Jess said...

WD-40. down the runners- give it a try.
Sorry I've been so lame lately- I'd love to come see your new digs!

Emmy said...

Yeah our house is the same way, but Eric leaves at 6:20. Darn garage wakes Alex up at 6:20

Amy said...

Kids waking up too early (too early for Momma) is such a dreaded thing. Will WD40 make it quieter? And enjoy your garage. Oh how I miss garages.

Sarah said...

Max is adorable, wish we lived closer. Max and Laney would make great playmates:) I love her pink polka dot leggings/tights, I must get a pair for Laney, where did you get them?