"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, October 11, 2010

Missing: PANTS

I haven't brushed my teeth today.
I haven't showered.
And I can't find the box with all of my pants.
I did find my shoes, which was determined yesterday to be the thing we might never find.
On Sunday I had the brilliant idea to make waffles.
I used our very last egg that had miraculously made the move safely, milk, and bisquick.
We were out of every other breakfast food, seeing as I havent been to the store in almost two weeks.
When I find my kitchen under all of the boxes I'm making enchiladas.
Creamy ones.
So I go to make the waffles.
Can't find the oil.
Used a tsp of evoo I found in a glass holder.
I was feeling like a genius.
Then they were cooked.
I scrounged up butter.
But no syrup.
We looked for syrup for 20 min before we decided to just put cold butter and whipped cream on top.
I found the syrup last night.
In the box with the vegtable oil.
And it made me laugh.


Jess said...

The joys of moving- the kitchen's always the first room I end up getting all the way unpacked.

Amy said...

Oh what fun. I agree with Jess. The kitchen and bathrooms are the two rooms that are absolutely necessary to be unpacked first. And get to the grocery store now that you are in your house!

Kelseyalice said...

Oh man, joys or horrors?!?! moving...not so fun...but, de
finitely worth a new house! So fun!!! Congrats :) I'm excited for you guys!

Sue said...

You were brave to even try cooking. I never do that for at least a week after I've moved in!


Emmy said...

It will be so nice to be unpacked

Mrs. D said...

During this last move we were convinced that the heating blanket my robe and the new printer cable were gone, magically just missing. 11 months after the move.... we found all 3 :)

Point is you will eventually find everything and it is definitely worth it :)

Happy Happy New Home!