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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a halloween carnival {a photo gallery}

le menu
note: if you have never put avocado on your potato, you haven't lived. 'nuff said.
shout out to BREE for the pumpkin bread bowls. muchas gracias!
it must be said that the scout master made my hat.
what a guy;-)

now i'm extra excited for halloween.



Hil said...

adorable! I love the family themed costumes. so much fun!

Amy said...

I didn't know you were going to be the ark. How fun! I love that Loin wouldn't let go of the donut string. That is so fun. Also, where on earth did the bread bowls come from? I want to do that! What a fun Halloween party! I can't wait until ours start!

Lydia said...

Love the family theme, too cute. thanks for the ideas for the party I'm putting on at the end of the month.

Sue said...

He is waaaay too cute. And what a clever and creative costume.

Love it!


Emmy said...

What a fun party and LOVE the costumes. I didn't realize you were going to be the ark.. hehe so cute!!

Synergy Girl said...

That looks like so much fun...We are hosting our own big halloween party...and yep, we will have six commercial sized blacklights to boot...!! I just need to finish my costume now...!!! You guys are too cute!! You are welcome to come to our shindig...!!

Snarky Belle said...

Pumpkin bread bowls...What?!? I want some of those.

Love the Noah family costumes.
And the "he wouldn't let go" picture is unbelievably adorable!

Jess said...

Glad you had fun! Loved the donut string picture and your costumes