"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

irrationally directed.

yesterday, brennan slammed me in the face with his chocolate milk sippy cup.
after blinking several times to make sure i didn't blackout,
i did what any calm mother would do.
irrationally directed him to time out.
fought back tears that i wanted to cry.
and then took away every treat, movie, soda, game, and privilege i could think of.
i spent the rest of night realizing that by taking away all of his treats i was punished too!
dang it.
my lip is still sore today.

i voted with my huge lip that swelled up after this picture.
the one person i really wanted to win,
kind of like last year.
this morning,
i mowed my lawn.
for the first time.
it was fun,
then exhausting,
then annoying.
and brennan scraped my monitor on the metal table.
it is ugly now.
but i did get 34 shade shirts/pants/swim suit items this morning.
for $1 a piece.
so sad to see shade go:-(
i am now going to collapse for the rest of the day.


Sue said...

Sorry, Em. It seems like they have to learn the hard way not to clock people!

As for Shade, I bought a few things for the girls in my family there, too. Great deals, but I'll be sorry to seem them go. (And before them, ModBe.)


Tiffany said...

Shopping with 2 babies? You're super woman! Funny what we can manage when a good sale is going on!

Brooke said...

okay you got a much better deal than i did! good for you! sorry about the lip:(

Emmy said...

Yes there is a fine line between punishing them and punishing yourself.

keri said...

Ouch! I don't know that I would have kept so calm. Maddie came up to me to show me a toy on Monday and as I was looking at it, she all of the sudden wacked me on top of my head with it. Just out of no where. Made me soooooooo mad. I had a huge bump where she hit me. Time out for 1/2 hour is where it landed her. Kids sometimes.

Fiauna said...

I always punish my kid by taking away the TV and computer only to realize too late that they are the tools that keep me from going insane when I have four kids following me around the house complaining they are bored and have nothing to do. ; )

Amy said...

Ouch!!! That looks so painful. But at least you got a bunch of uber cheap shirts/pants/swim suit items!