"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

next year, i'll consider it.

at 3am yesterday morning i was laying on my bathroom floor.
wishing i would have gotten the flu shot.
everyone else had one in my family.
not me.
my stubborn self thought my immune system could handle it.
no sir.
it could not.
so i spent the day feeling like death.
i let the pork loin run around in his diaper until noon.
it was 46 outside.
it felt warm.
that's when you know you've lived in the cold weather a long time.
46 feels warm.
really, it was warm.
no one called the authorities.
brennan played in his water table.
and i didn't have to take off his wet clothes b/c he wasn't wearing any.
it was brilliant.
i gave him a hot bath,
which he said hurt b/c he was cold.
max was dressed and fed.
everyone took a nap.
me included.
my mother in law came for the 7th inning stretch until sean got home.
she played with my kids.
i took a hot shower.
she mowed my front lawn.
took out my trash.
broke down the boxes that have been sitting on the side of my house for a month.
and threw out the rose bushes i trimmed for the winter.
bless her.
we survived.
i feel great today.
is it too late for the flu shot?
or am i already covered b/c i got the flu itself?
next year.
i promise.
flu shot.


Amy said...

It felt great yesterday! And today as well. The windows are open, the sweet autumn smells are coming in, and I am loving it. Yay for playing in the water one last time. And there is no way it was only 47! It had to have been hotter.
Thank heavens for mothers in law or otherwise. They sure can save us sometimes. Glad you are feeling better. Hopefully you wont get it again this year.

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

I always get the flu when I get a flu shot, so I guess you never know which way to go; to get it, or not. Bur, I am so glad that your feeling better, and that Brennan got a hot bath:)

Brooke said...

maybe i don't know much, but i'd still get one. I always get some sort of bug (flu or not) even when i get the shot.. so I say might as well get it and help your chances of not getting it again. But hey, what do I know?!?!

Michele said...

I think the stomach flu is different from the flu that you get the shot for, so you could still get the shot. :-)

Anonymous said...

Stomach "flu" is totally different than the flu. Get the flu shot!

Emmy said...

Wow your MIL kicked butt! Sorry you were sick. It was when I had the flu that I fell asleep outside only to wake up and have no idea where my kids were. Lucky they were just inside playing.

Sue said...

Sounds like you had the stomach flu, which is not the kind you get a shot for. There is no shot for the stomach flu!

The shot kind of flu comes with a high fever, sore throat, aches and a lingering, terrible cough. Influenza, in other words. And it's worth getting a shot to avoid it, I think, because you're sick for a good two weeks.