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Thursday, December 16, 2010

EXTRAVAGANZA!!! {april, may, june}

max slept.
for the entire 3 months.
it was amazing.
who knew babies really can "sleep like a baby."
such a gem she is.
i was somehow still not with it, despite getting good sleep.
so i forgot my groceries at harmon's.
in their drive and load.
went to costco.
got another load of groceries.
and couldn't figure out why there was so much room for them.
then halfway home, and singing my heart out to prince,
i realized why there was so much room...
but harmon's still had them for me sitting in the cart.
it was embarrassing.
and funny.
"2000-zero-zero-party's over..."
then spring came.
and the family yard perked up.
man, i miss living by them!
the popcorn blossoms were "popping right before my eyes!"

sean and i celebrated 6 years of marriage in april.
i took him to the batting cages.
and go carting.
may was a huge month.
the big kahuna right in the middle of april, may, and june.
we blessed max.

sean became dr. gibson

said his dr. oath.
was "doctored," so TA speak.
then we had a rough patch.
it snowed in may.
big huge flakes.
i loved it.
and sean PASSED the boards!!!
we celebrated at COWABUNGA.

and he started working.
just in the knick of time.
to cap it all off,
we finished the month by meeting
hot shot magna cum laude.
boy was he a piece of work!
see her elbow?
with his incorrect diagnosis.
click here.
btw, it was junvenile xanthrogranuloma.
that goes away.
and doesn't need to be removed.
good thing i didn't let him carve it out of max's arm.
you know, 'cause i'm "one of those moms" who couldn't handle it anyway.
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Shawn said...

I love your recap, what busy and exciting 3 months!

Can your kid be any cuter?!!?

Emmy said...

Oh I remember that stupid doctor - the one who misdiagnosed Max not your husband :)

Great recap! I still love those spring pictures.

It is fun reading these reviews- but even more fun when I remember- makes me feel like part of a club or something :)

VandyJ said...

Max is a cutie! Cool recap. Sounds like you had lots going on!

jennykate77 said...

Wow! Busy 3 months! Congrats on all the accomplishments!

That Max is SOOOOOOO stinkin' cute!! I just love her.

Great pics!

jen said...

I went back and read the misdiagnosis posts.
Don't you love stupid doctors. They can really ruin your life, huh?

The Jackson Family said...

The Harmons/Costco/Blueberries post will always be my favorite!

Sue said...

What an eventful year you've had! As I read yours and Jen's posts today, I couldn't help being a little bit sorry that I didn't take part in this fun blog hop.

At least I'm having a good time reading it!


Colleen said...

She is such a cutie! And way to go to your hubby!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are adorable! And congrats on having a dr in the house!! :)

Angel said...

Wow so exciting! And Max is soo cute!! just adorable! I am so glad I am taking part in this!

Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by! What a cute family you have. Sound like you had busy April, May and June. Glad Max is okay.

PS-I hope you get some TX Roadhouse soon!

Lourie said...

Well I think I forgot to link up despite having the code and co-hosting. oops. haha. Anyway...what an exciting three months that was!!! Congrats to your hubby and you for supporting and helping him along the way!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - your children are {eat them up} adorable!! Those eyes!!

Thanks {as always} for stopping by my blog! Your comments are sweet and appreciated!


shortmama said...

Busy family!

Amy said...

SO SAD! I cannot believe I didn't link up!!! I have been so crazy busy getting things ready for Christmas, I haven't had time to blog, and was so sad when I realized I wouldn't be able to link up to this week.

But it is always fun to be able to look back and see what went on in the past year. And those blossoms are making me crave spring, though I am loving this snow. Go figure.