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Friday, December 3, 2010

shutterfly christmas

our little al copone after his bath.
there's nothing i love more than free when it comes to things people are going to throw away.
like christmas cards.
and christmas trees.
which is why our tree is again fake this year.
and to get it,
all i had to do was have sean go down into our hoarding basement.
the tree that is.
so when katie told me about free christmas cards from shutterfly,
i was on it.
there were too many good ones to choose from, but i think i've decided that this one is my favorite.
so if you're lucky,
and i'm lucky too,
it will be arriving in your mail box less than 3 weeks from today.
because we all know how much i love pictures.
and this one lets me put lots of pictures.
plus, it has me singing that beautiful song in my mind.
"and it think to myself,
what a wonderful world."
because really, it is.
i also loved the words on this one.
bright and cheery.
this simplicity here.
and the print here.
and i know i have enough mugs to fill a coffee house,
but i can only imagine how wonderful it would be to see al capone's charming little face all over this beauty every morning.
i saw brooke's book last week and was green with envy.
saving up for one my own.
really, how is a girl supposed to choose???
i guess i'll have to if i get the FREE cards.
and you will too.
if you dare.
but you know, like i said earlier today,
if you don't try, you've already failed.
you can quote me on that.


Gilbert Family said...

i love all of them! we got photo books for our family. we spent $43 and saved $37. if you google shutterfly coupons, you can input them in your shopping cart. save lots of $$$. i hope to get a christmas card yo!

Katie said...

Wow, I love that card too. I am pretty jealous that I already had my cards when this deal came out. Really jealous actually.

The Jackson Family said...

I love using Costco Photo Center for Christmas cards.. $14.99 for 50 and only about $6 for each additional set of 25!

Sue said...

Love his slicked-back 'do!


Meghan said...

I've been stocking up on freebies from Shutterfly. I got a 7x7 photobook and 25 prints with my pampers points to grow (entered from diaper packages) and my friend had a Shutterfly Houseparty which gave you a free photobook and ten cards. Then when they sent the cards there was a another promo inside for five more free! So easy to get a lot of stuff for a great deal or free.
Check out our Christmas Card here:

Amy said...

I need to check Shutterfly out soon. They sent me an email about this giveaway, but I haven't blogged about it yet, so... I am just not on the ball right now. But I love that they are doing this! And again, your card is precious!