"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


last night for family night we did our annual gibson goals.
and talked about the creation,
but i'm pretty sure brennan thought that we were just showing him pictures from the zoo.
after neatly titling our goals,
writing them all down,
and feeling very accomplished and motivated,
i looked at our wonderful list.
for last year.
at least,
that's the year i wrote.
which is why i've added +1.
b/c it always takes me a few months to remember which year to write.
*thanks again amy for the clipboard!


Sue said...

Is that your printing? It looks like you did it on the computer!!


Emmy said...

Your handwriting is amazing! You are one of those people that could make cute cards because your writing would be perfect.

MiMi said...

My goal for 2010 + 1 is to have your handwriting. That is all.

Lisa said...

That is so funny! LOVE it!

Amy said...

The kids are adorable!
I love making goals. I am a visual achiever. The problem is, my hubby is not. Makes for an interesting goal setting session.
I am so glad the clipboard is still holding up! Glad you like it,still.