"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, January 22, 2011

the story of a famous steak {sundance}

today i saw something beautiful.
i stood in my kitchen and saw a gorgeous sunny, blue sky day coming through my front windows.
as i turned my head to the right,
out our back window,
i saw it snowing two streets to the east.
pellet snow.
snowballs falling from the sky snow.
have you ever seen spring to your left,
and winter to your right?
it was a first for me.
the cherry on top of a remarkable day.
the kind where i am feeling so accomplished.
i organized my shoes.
my closet doubled in size.
you should try it.
i did 3 loads of laundry.
bathed the kids AND myself.
the bathing myself is the part i am feeling most proud about.
sean went to his boxing class while the kids took naps.
we ate leftovers from our hunt for hollywood starz dinner last night for lunch today.
i am happy.
sundance last night:
saw no one famous.
but did hear that T.I. ordered a shirley temple last year when he came to ruth's chris.
made me feel liberated for always ordering one at fancy restaurants.
AND that one republic had been in.
AND that pierce brosnan loves the hotel park city, and is a regular at ruth's chris during sundance.
too bad he wasn't at the table next to us.
that would have been awesome.
but really, the food was famous enough to fulfill my desire to see someone famous.
i kid you not,
the best meal of my entire life.
a ribeye steak,
brought out on a 500* plate.
the juices boiling on the plate.
it cut like butter.
and tasted like every flavour you could possibly want in your mouth at one time.
even the green beans made you lust for more.
the potato shoe strings are the french fries i've dreamed of all my life.
then creme brule
the cheesecake.
we sat in that little booth for 2 hours.
side by side.
yes, we're cheezy like that.
sharing a plate.
and laughing.

then we drove down main street in park city.
a bus covered in blue christmas lights lit up our car.
and the most exciting people we saw were three girls in long white coats,
who had just met up with three boys in matching red outfits.
they were taking a picture together,
and everyone was cheering.
the excitement of the town was something to experience.
 i love this weekend.


Gilbert Family said...

what a magical day!

Lauren said...

Sounds like an unforgettable night! :) Max is beautiful in that top photo. (Not that she isn't always-- she is a cutie, that's for sure!)

MiMi said...

That is SO cool! It was like a date night?
And. Showing my stupidity here but who's TI?

Amy said...

You made the memories you were after! And that truck... there are no words.

Grammy T. said...

I have a blog award to pass along and after reading through your blog posts I really think you deserve it! :)

Feel free to pick it up at:

Hope you'll enjoy my blog, too!

Carol (Mehr) Simpson said...

I always think I am just bias about how good your posts are because you're my daughter...but then I read that you really do write and post amazing blog posts!! The steak looks so scrumptious...my mouth is watering! Makenzie is gorgeous; Brennan stories are sweet; and the lighted bus is a hoot! Thanks for sharing your incredible talent to post with all of us! luv, mama c

Sue said...

Delicious looking meal! I love a good rib-eye.

And your description of seeing two sets of weather out of the windows on either side of your home is very cool.