"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the doorbell does it for me every time.

the ups man makes my heart flutter.
not b/c he's cute.
i actually didn't even see his face.
ok, he doesn't really make my heart flutter.
but man oh man, that doorbell does it for me EVERY TIME.
i just love getting a package.
even if i have already tracked it 3 times, knowing exactly when it was going to arrive.
so the ups man is climbing back into his truck.
max's carseat is on the doorstep.
and i get to open my front door for 15 seconds of fresh air.
hoisting my gold back into the house.
one fresh of breath air.
or, one breath of fresh air.
and you want to know what i'm thinking?
man, those shorts he's wearing must be cold.
and as i'm turning to close my door,
i realize he has no door on his brown truck.
man, i'll bet that man is cold.


Snarky Belle said...

You are too cute! Thanks for making me smile.

Emmy said...

Yes seriously why do they wear shorts in the winter?? I got a package today :). It is wonderful

Sue said...

Funny, because my UPS guy just came today. It's gorgeous here, almost but not quite warm, and yet MY guy is wearing long pants!

Go figure.


MiMi said...

I know, right?! Coldy Colderson! I love getting pkgs though too.

jen said...

I read this right after I picked up my package off the front step! What is it about a package? I love the pic through the dishwasher. Evie's in this same stage (and using the same IKEA dishes!).

McVal said...

LOVE getting packages too! My office window faces the front of the house so I can see him as he walks past to the door. Since the doorbell is always broken I have to beat him there. So I'm always out of breath when I reach him... He probably thinks I think he's cute too. He's not.

A Little Thing Called Life. said...

lol i am the same way!

Missy said...

i get the same heart flutters basically bc if the ups man is at my door - it means it's something fun for me that i've ordered! fun that is, unless it's coming from the distribution center. haha

Amy said...

A package on your doorstep is like Christmas morning. Even if you know what it is, unwrapping that packaging tape, opening the box, sifting through the peanuts, and then your prize! It is wonderful! And your UPS man is crazy. Trying to be all macho. Nothing to prove, dude.

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

Hahaha! All I could think about when you started writing about the UPS guy was Legally Blonde and that UPS guy! It made me laugh:)

Connie said...

I love getting packages! I also track them relentlessly.