"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, January 15, 2011

winter blues.

january and i are not getting along.
i vote to delete the entire month.
all in favor?
max was up all night.
for the second night in a row.
when i say all night,
i mean from 12:30am-5am.
good news is that i finally figured out why.
this morning.
at 6:45am.
a tooth.
tried to nurse her back to sleep.
worked for an hour.
then brennan was up.
went in to get him.
he hit max in the face.
awesome way to start our day.
left him in bed for a timeout.
where he cried and coughed so hard that he puked.
on me.
when i went in to get him.
especially since i was already dressed for the day.
b/c i was up early and feeling productive.
changed my clothes.
the hair was saved this time.
now both kids are crying and climbing on me.
cleaned up puke on carpet.
wiped brennan's tears.
carried both down the stairs.
looked at the clock.
that's it???
come on january,
you can do better than this.


Gilbert Family said...

youre still hot with puke on

Sue said...

Okay, you did it. You just made me glad to be an empty nester!


Amy said...

Wow, what a way to start a Saturday! This is the kind of day I give in to. Forts and cocoa, and stories is all I can generally muster on a day like that. Good luck!

Lauren said...

whew! what a morning-- hope the day got better.
And yay! A tooth! (We've been having a LOT of sleepless nights-- Carson doesn't sleep either-- and we are currently working on the FOURTH tooth in FOUR weeks!!! they just keep coming out!)

Kindra said...

Yuck! Hope the rest of you day is better!

Wendy Williams said...

Oh dear! I too hope it got better--and soon! Maybe a McGibson would help :)

T!FF said...

Hey at least it's the 15th, we're half way through the month! Whoot, whoot! The sun will peak through soon and you'll be back to the happy Emily we all know!!
Sorry you had a bad morning... :(

Katie said...

You know I am right there with you sista'. Ollie wouldn't sleep last night - tossing and turning and I was getting so frustrated, telling Chad that something needed to change..we have a baby coming in less than three months for CRYING OUT LOUD. I was not being a nice person. Then after an hour of this mommy-rant, Oliver flips over and whimpers, "my ear is bugging me!" Ohhhhh, that explains. Sure enough, ear infection. This has been our worst sick season yet. Just wanted to say I feel your pain! That is quite the night/morning you have had.

MiMi said...

January through March or April always get me down. WAY DOWN. :(

Emmy said...

:( Sorry that is just too much at once