"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, January 10, 2011

in the meantime.

egg mcgibson.
it will cure your case of the mondays every time.
toast english muffin.
butter inside.
scramble two eggs.
mix with a little mayo.
slap it in between muffin.
last night i had some thinking to do.
nothing important.
just thinking.
the kind of thinking you do when you don't have to be doing anything else with your brain.
thankfully, there were a lot of dishes.
it's where i do my best thinking.
standing with the heater on my feet.
kids getting jammies on upstairs.
i was thinking about how i miss everyone knowing who we are.
how i miss driving through my neighborhood and seeing familiar faces.
walking down the halls at church with everyone knowing our place.
and i was sad.
my childhood self that wants to be established and at the head of the pack.
say it ain't so.
so i promised myself then and there that we would never move again.
i do this every time we move.
but it always seems so dreary in the beginning.
like we'll never have friends as good as the last.
never have neighbors as wonderful as before.
and after a little time and effort i never want to leave the new place.
the starting over is easier this time,
but the easier doesn't make it less lonely.
neither does the winter.
when your heart is lonely for summer.
never have i wished for the heat of summer to be upon us.
someone give me an award.
it's a good thing i have these in the meantime.
and earlier church.


aubrey said...

Hmmmm... as a girl suffering from a chronic case of the Mondays I may have to give this a try. Sounds yummy...

MiMi said...

Girl, you have such a gorgeous family and even though it's rough being in a spot where you are uncomfortable...you are home because they are there.
And. I need that McGibson. YUM!

Sue said...

Moving is so, so hard. It always took me a year to even feel sort of comfortable and two until I really felt at home.

I don't pull up my roots easily. I like to bury 'em deep.


Lisalulu said...

yep, know exactly how you feel. For the first 14 yrs of married life we moved every 18-24 months! It's just all an adventure. And usually a bad case of the Monday Morning blues will clear up as soon as the cute little faces are right up close to you and you can just love 'em till you feel better!!!!

Amy said...

I love moving. The chance to start over, the thrill of meeting new people and making new friends. I think I am very different in that regard. But when the friends don't come a quickly, it is hard. I remember crying when we got home from church in my last ward because I didn't have any friends after living there for a year. (I was in primary the first three years, so no one knew me) But it always gets better. Just eat another McGibson, and sit in your car when the hot sun is shining through. Pretend it is summer. :)

Emmy said...

Okay this might have made me cry a little. A move is almost inevitable in our very near future. I wrote a post about it, it is just in draft waiting to be published probably later this week

Missy said...

it's the mixing it with the mayo that is totally signature "gibson" all over it. you've taught me well, friend.