"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Now that Brennan is not napping
we can be lazy all morning and get everything else done in the afternoon when everyone else is napping.
It makes for good parking and fast checkouts.
I'd still trade it all for napping to be back.
Bieber fever shared his "purple ice cream" with max on the way out so she wouldn't scream.
I am breathing with my mouth closed.
And Sean got home early.

Happy day:)
Introducing THE BRAG BOX:
(you steal my lingo without credit and you will be cursed with 7 years bad luck, just sayin')

Do not read THE BRAG BOX if you are a jealous person.
It will only make you feel sad.

DO post a BRAG BOX (link me of course) on your own post and then if you are feeling extra BRAG BOX bountiful, come back and tell me so I can read it and joy in your BRAG.
Or swag.

-Taxes filed (hello savings account)
-Brennan's birthday present arrived at 7:45am on our doorstep.
-filled out and dropped off insurance papers
-shopped Costco
-ran dishwasher
-did 2 loads of laundry
I know, I'm amazing, that's why it's in my BRAG BOX:)
'cause it would just be annoying if it wasn't in the BRAG BOX.
Now close it up and go write your own;)
And I was like baby baby baby OHHHHH!!!!!


Brooke said...

the other day you asked me on fb what the "movie method" is. i never responded but this reminded me. So the movie method is when your kid stops napping but you trick him into napping by putting on a movie wrapping them up in a blanket, making it nice and dark if possible, volume not too loud, and hope they fall asleep on the couch. Honestly, Blake has been "napping" every day this way. there's no way he would nap if i tried to get him in his bed. Try it out, it might work, or might not.

Amy said...

I love morning errands. I have found I need to get the day stuff done in the morning because I am a lazy afternoon person. Blogging about that sometime soon. Your brag box sounds like a great idea. When I do something noteworthy I will certainly link up to it! Looks like you had a fun day.

McVal said...

Braggart! :) Good job! I managed to find about 75% of the papers that my hubby still needs to finish ours... Maybe this weekend.

Cassie said...

Hi Emily!
I just re-discovered your blog after almost 2 years.  I wanted to tell you how beautiful your kids are!  It's really nice to see you and your family so happy and healthy.
Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you and wanted to say Hi!
Cassie (Riddell) Kennedy

Jen said...

So we can still it if we give you cred