"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, February 14, 2011

"i want to watch a woodee jose!"

brennan is done napping.
and when i say done,
i don't mean for the day.
it's been 6 days.
i doubt it is a phase.
today was the first day i wasn't grumpy about it.
we made valentines and took them to sean's work during what we used to fondly call nap time.
it made the day feel a little more festive.
i was much less grumpy.
we also picked up a baker's dozen of sweet tooth fairy cupcakes.
and took them to sean's work.
i picked the following:
4 peanut butter chocolate
2 toasted coconut {i hope one of those comes home b/c i really wanted to try it}
3 red velvet
3 strawberry shortcake
1 double fudge with a cherry on top {that was special for sean}
then i ordered another pb chocolate for myself.
everyone oo-ed and awed over the babies.
i gave sean a smooch.
then max wanted one too.
brennan ate a red velvet one
all the while spinning around in the entrance of the clinic.
i walked around behind him picking up cupcake.
it was really fun.
then we came home and i dropped my cupcake on the floor.
good thing they come in cute little take home boxes.
at which point brenann said,
"i want to watch a woodee {movie."
so i said,
"no way jose!"
so he said,
"i want to watch a woodee jose!"
then i laughed.

this morning sean said,
"brennan, do you have a girlfriend for valentine's day?"
and brennan said,
"yep, kinzie."
he is so cute.
we spent the morning playing with our cousins in the family yard.
they didn't have school.
it was warm.

 happy valentine's day:)


MiMi said...

What great pictures! And SUN!!!!

Sue said...

My kids all quit taking naps before they were 2. I kinda liked it because we could be gone from the house whenever we wanted.

And I just put them to bed earlier. Like 7:30.


Kindra said...

I thought Charlie was done taking naps, it was a good two months with no naps and last week he started them again!!!

McVal said...

Too cute! and it looks so warm there! We're in the 50s today after being in the minus zeros for so long... Enjoy the weather!

Amy said...

Done with naps? You poor thing. I don't know what I would do without my nap time. I get so much done during that time. But he is so cute. I guess with someone that cute it would be okay. It looks like you had so much fun during nap time! Good for you for finding the silver lining.

Emmy said...

Oh it is so hard when they give up the nap. But sounds like made the day good. Cupcakes always can do that :)