"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I always forget how quiet it is when the power is out.
I considered making dinner and then bagged it when Sean offered to pick up five guys.
Brennan spent the first hour scared, on and off crying, begging me to turn on the lights so we could watch a "woodee" and be safe.
I read half of corduroy until max knocked the book out of my hands and then they both started crying again.
Brennan kept wanting to go outside so we would be safe from the power being out.
I never successfully got through to him that it was safer AND warmer inside.
We ended up compromising by going out to sit in the car until sean got home.
Max rode the gear changer like a horse while Brennan turned on the headlights, blinkers, and hazards.

I sang the horsie song so max would laugh and pretend she was galloping.
It made us all laugh.

Man I love those kids.
As a bonus, she cleaned out my cigarette disposal thing that had old receipts, a pair of earplugs, some change, and my albertson's fresh value card from when we lived in rexburg 4 years ago.
We ate dinner amidst the smells of candy cane.
They were the only candles I could find.
And I really couldn't smell them bc I am still sick.
More congested now than ever.
Although bree did drop some pills that target ID'ed her for buying.
Sean and i put the kids to bed, opened the blinds to watch the snow fall, and talked for an hour about food storage and how eating in the dark really isn't that great.
Bc part of the food tasting so great is actually seeing what you're eating.
Although eating when congested is down right depressing bc I can't smell or taste my food AND I don't really know when I'm full.
It has been such a relaxing night.
Just sitting in the dark with nothing demanding our attention.
No shows to watch (although I've been squirming all night bc idol wasn't recording), no Facebook to check, or scrabble to play. Just quiet.
With the white snow falling outside, lighting up our house from its glow.
Pure blissful peace.
And then that familiar hum.
The power just came back on.
And I'm disappointed.
That was a great night.
Maybe we should make a habit out of it...


jen said...

I think it's weird he was scared. Does he get scared at night, too?
I'll let you know about idol. Wish I could email the dvr to you.

Sue said...

I'm sure one of your friends or neighbors will have Idol for you.

Our lights go out pretty often when we have storms. I think it's because of all our tall trees and the branches that break off and do damage. We had a heck of a storm last night and it was so windy I was sure we'd lose power but we got lucky for once.

It is restful, but I've grown not to like it because sometimes ours doesn't go back on for a couple of days. Once it was 5 days!


Lisa said...

What a beautiful night! I love it when the power goes out! And how fun to go sit in the car and play!

Jess said...

We were at the Jazz game when the power went out- glad they have generators. And you should try the Mucinex-D- it will change your life.

McVal said...

Just when you got used to the quiet... Are you guys having bad weather to cause a power outage? It has warmed up so beautifully around here!

Emmy said...

Nothing like a power outage to make you realize what things your emergency preparedness kit is missing. And yes, what would I do to entertain myself without power??

Amy said...

I love having the power out! Though I have never had to do it with kids. And I would prefer it in the summer not cold winter. But I am unlucky and never get a chance because the power never goes out where I am.
Sounds like things went well, and how wonderful that Sean brought dinner for you. What a great man.

MiMi said...

When the power goes out here it's NOT quiet. Cuz the kids FREAK.