"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, March 17, 2011

pinchers ready.

 happy st. patty's day!!!
i found the lephrechan that changed our milk.
looked a lot like max.
it's funny how it tastes better green.
always has.
always will.
the milk,
not max,
but she's a great snack too.
have your pinchers ready!
brennan keeps telling me he has leprechan milk.
and it's going to turn him green.
it turned the pancakes green.
having a 3yr old might be the funnest thing i've ever done.


jen said...

Boys from 2 until they start kindergarten are truly a gift. And their humor is instilled in them to protect them from our anger at their antics the rest of the time!

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

Soo fun! I love the pic of Max! What a crazy, funny girl! Too bad we don't live closer to each other, I am sure Addison would love playing with your kiddos!

Sue said...

That green milk is a riot. And quite lovely, I might add.


Lauren said...

that photo of max is just way too cute for words!! :) Glad you guys are having a fun green day!

Amy said...

What a great picture of Max! She is too cute. And three year olds are the best. So darn funny!

Julie said...

What a CUTIE PIE!!!

We have a golden basket that the kids set in the moonlight on a windowsill. The leprechauns find it and fill it with their shiny things and hide it in the house. The kids then have to go find it in the morning.

Emmy said...

Oh I am just giggling at that last picture. Look how long her tongue is! That is crazy