"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, March 18, 2011

st pat's.

GiGi made corned beef and cabbage.
this is what she said on the phone.
so we jumped into the car running.
no other way i'd rather spend st. pat's than eating a festive dinner with some of my favorite people.
the spread.
so pretty.
the byu game was on.
march madness kicked off.
sean had no problem watching the game on grandma's tv instead of ours.
much bigger than ours at home. 
go cougs!!!
i picked them to win the whole cha-bang.
but my bracket never does well.
probably bc i pick my teams based off of color and if i like their name or if they have a good record.
funny thing is that sometimes i pick the upset:)
then grandma explained that st. pat's is the leprechan's birthday so we needed to sing him a birthday song,
complete with candles.
brennan came running.
then he ate the frosting off of four different little cupcakes.

the green milk is finally gone.
we used the last of it for some hot chocolate this morning.
i love how summer teases us with spring and then dumps a few inches of snow.
i love it b/c it melts away with more sun that always comes,
and i love how everyone freaks out about the snow that is going to melt before the end of the day.
i love how we can have all 4 seasons of weather in one day in utah.
why is it that i only eat corned beef on st pat's?
it always tastes so good.
i just forget about it i guess.
maybe that's why everyone gets so angry about the snow.
they forget how miserably hot everything gets in july.
that must be it;)
maybe it's just me.
it probably is.
but i don't love how once you've tasted the tease of summer i yearn for more.
i want more!!!
more heat!
more sun!


Sue said...

I'm really hungry right now, and your blog has added to the pangs.

I think I'll go hit Dave up for some dinner plans.


Amy said...

Oh yum! That looks so good. And I agree. Spring is so fun with how it can't make up its mind which season it wants to be. But when it snow, it is nice knowing it will be melted in a few hours.

Julie said...

Love the leprechaun's birthday idea. Fun! I'm cracking up about your bracket, but now that I think about it, that's kind of my way of picking too.

Emmy said...

Your grandma sounds awesome! Love that first picture with she and B. I am excited and nervous for tonight's game!