"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

such a CREAK in the neck.

i use toothpaste when i have zits. it works. really well.
makes for a funny site the next morning.
tonight i can check off getting hit from behind at a red light off of my bucket list.
man am i glad.
it was truly one of my life's endeavours.
and you want to know what i'm thinking about?
the poor gentlemen that hit me.
i can't stop thinking about how badly i feel for him.
he said he had just left the mechanic from getting his brakes fixed.
guess they weren't fixed.
he kept asking me if i was ok.
my neck was sore.
and i have a headache.
and everyone just kept asking me if i was ok.
but i don't really remember anyone making sure he was ok.
it was the first thing i asked him.
he said he was.
he had a bruise on the upper left part of his forehead.
said he had slammed his head into the steering wheel.
he seemed shaken.
out of sorts.
couldn't stop my hands from shaking to write out the police report.
felt like jello all over.
and to top it off i was standing there soaking wet with a striped beach towel on my head (actually i unconsciously removed it before getting out of my car) b/c i was on my way home from swimming.
soaking wet, including hair, still in swimsuit under sweats makes for a chilly night in the middle of state street in utah in march.
although jan and feb would have been worse.
i think it was only in the 30's tonight.
i just wish i would have been more concerned about him.
rather than calling and texting my people.
lesson learned.
i think i'll call the officer tomorrow to see if the man is ok.
after an hour on the phone with my insurance company and his, i was given several case and claim numbers.
which by some miracle i've managed to keep all on the little business card from officer colton.
he was so kind.
so was the man that hit me.
his poor car.
it went under mine.
and after an hour with the insurance companies i was reminded by a few friends that b/c my car seats were in the car, along with whatever is rattling under my car, need to be replaced.
and i just couldn't stop thinking about this poor man.
who had by the looks of his car obviously been dealt a different fortune than myself.
it made me want to give more to others.
appreciate more what i have.
and glad i had my driver's license, current reregistration, and insurance with me.
have mercy.
doesn't max look different today?
 above: max growling
(she randomly does it. so i growl back. and it goes on and on back and forth
it's a little low growl that will make anyone laugh.)
 i am so blessed.


jen said...

You are so much farther down the path than I, my friend. Such a Christlike response.
I hope he's ok too.
And I'm glad you are.

Brooke said...

Glad you are okay and that the kids weren't in the car!

Amy said...

I am SO glad you are okay! And that he was okay! I hope the mechanics shop has to help pay for the damages since they said his breaks were fixed and they clearly were not. What a terrifying experience.
Max is so darling. I love that she growls. That makes me laugh.

MiMi said...

I'm so glad you're okay!
Let us know how the gentleman who hit you is!

Sue said...

Hugs to you, Em. And I love the way you are concerned about this man when you are in pain yourself.

Take care, okay?


Emmy said...

So glad you are okay. And this post shows your true character. You are awesome girl!

Lisa said...

What an amazing thought. I'm glad you are ok, but I also worry about the other guy. Enjoy your life - it's worth it!