"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, February 27, 2011

"i want pancakes sean."

brennan knows that sunday means pancakes.
sometimes waffles.
my favorite.
but he calls them both pancakes.
i put chocolate chips in them,
but brennan usually eats half of the bag standing at the counter during the process.
so this morning he bounds out of bed and wants pancakes.
sean gets out of bed first, while i linger in the waking up phase.
it always take me longer to snap out of sleep.
especially when sean is home.
so i finally mosie downstairs onto the fainting chair in the front entry.
convince sean to come keep me company,
while max plays with the airport.
from around the corner we hear,
"i want pancakes."
we say,
"ok, pancakes. we're making pancakes, just a minute."
then again,
"i want pancakes."
then the head peeks around the corner and says,
"i want pancakes sean."
we look at each other and sean says,
"did he just call me sean?"
we look back at bieber.
he says,
"i want pancakes sean."
we laugh and say,
"i think he just really did call you sean!"
so i say,
"come here and give me a kiss and we'll get up to make pancakes."
he replies,
"no, not yet. i want pancakes sean."
funny funny funny little dude.
who later stuck up for me when "sean" was squirting me with water from the dishwasher to which bieber said,
"stop doing that sean dad! stop doing that sean."
i love him.
both of them:)
max tested positive for rsv today.
can't believe it was exactly two years ago this weekend when we went through it all with brennan.
hoping we learned enough to keep little miss max out of the hospital.
b/c even though i loved their rasberry lemonade,
it's not worth the visit to PCH.
the after birth coctail they serve at st mark's.
that's another story.


The Jackson Family said...

"Sean Dad" is too funny! When we would visit my cousins, one of them would get confused and start calling his Dad "Uncle Daddy" :)

McVal said...

LOL! In our house, my husband would send one of the kids to come up and wake me up by whispering "waffles" into my ear. It always came out "wassles" so that word stuck... Oh! That meant I was supposed to come down and whip up a batch from scratch. My family loved that recipe!

MiMi said...

Awww. That's so cute!

Sue said...

Sorry about the rsv. That stinks. I still wish they would just give all kids the vaccine.


Anonymous said...

I love when they do that! And I'm so sorry for Miss Max! I keep worrying about my little guy but so far we are ok! Good luck!

Amy said...

We always had pancakes Saturday morning. I still want pancakes Saturdays because is just doesn't feel right without.
And Brennan is too funny.
I hope things go well with Miss Max!