"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter scrooge.

i have been grumpy all day.
not a sad grumpy.
an irritable grumpy.
and not about everything.
i still managed a genuine smile at church.
it really was genuine.
stayed up too late.
brennan was up too early.
he kept hitting my head with his fist.
i said some not pretty things to him,
which i am embarrassed for now.
i don't even think i was nice at first.
i just grumbled and told him to lay down and go back to sleep on my pillow.
i never really went back to sleep.
b/c he kept tossing and turning.
kicking me in the back.
jumping on sean.
then came the fist into my head,
as i mentioned before.
so then i took his binky away and put it up on a shelf.
he cried.
and was devastated.
i told him he only got to keep his binky if he went back to sleep in bed with me in the morning,
or learned to sleep in.
and those aren't really the not pretty things i was talking about.
that was more of the grumpy things i was talking about.
not nice.
but did i say sorry?
no, i just hustled us all downstairs so his screaming wouldn't wake up max.
straight past the easter loot.
he was screaming so hard that his eyes were closed,
big crocodile tears coming out.
and then we all parked on the couch for another hour until max graced us.
then we went into see what little hoppity hop had left.
the kids ate Reese's eggs for breakfast.
i sat there are salivated over eating them myself.
i talked max into half a banana and some bread before church.
brennan was not enticed.
made for a great church meeting.
{insert sarcasm here}
which by the way was a fast and testimony meeting.
meaning that all of us adults weren't eating for the entire day until dinner.
i hope i'm not struck by bolts of lightening when i say,
it should be illegal to have fast sunday on easter.
so i spent the entire day grumpy and hungry.
just starving myself b/c i was absolutely not in the right frame of mind to actually be thinking spiritual things and fasting.
and when i was teaching my sunday school class about the resurrection and trying to figure out how many miles 12km is to go from Jerusalem to Emmaus,
one of the girls said out of the blue,
"yeah, my mom said we're not fasting today. it's a freebie day."
smart mom.
it cheered me up and put me in a better mood.
can't decide if it's b/c i think the parent's would be embarrassed if they knew what their kids tell me in class {they say some REALLY funny stuff sometimes},
or if it made me feel better for having a bad attitude all day.
maybe both.
sometimes a little laughing is all it takes.

 i wish i wouldn't have been such a scrooge all morning.
i think i missed out on all of the fun.
lesson learned.
i did love all of our clothes.
i don't want max to grow up.
i want to live in her baby/toddler state forever.
that's gotta count for something.
and i told them it was 7 miles,
from Jerusalem to Emmaus.
b/c i know that a 10k is 6.2miles.
hi, my name is emily, and i went to public school in America.
{meaning: i don't know the metric system}.
i'm in a better mood already.
i hope you're laughing too.


keri said...

I think that Satin was maybe working extra hard on us today. I'm in the same boat as you (except that I just made my Sunday School class go to another class). Maybe I should have taught them. I could have used a little enlightenmen ;). Hope you had a great Easter! :)

Sue said...

Fast Sunday on Easter? Unthinkable!


McVal said...

Wow! I don't think I could EVER fast on Easter!
Happy Easter!

Lauren said...

Goodness- your Easter sounds just like mine! Only add one sick husband and take away the child who slept past 430 AM. yes. 430. I love teething.
Sigh... Oh well, I did enjoy our Easter egg hunt-- and my mother in law cooked everything, and I do mean everything, that day. Father in law did the dishes. That helped cheer me up!! :)
Hope today is better! :)

Emmy said...

Our fast Sunday got moved to the middle of May. We have Stake conference next week and then it is Mother's Day and so it is the 15th. I want to kiss our Steak President for that :)

Amy said...

I feel better knowing that mine wasn't the only bad day yesterday. Seriously every single one of us (parents included) threw serious tantrums at one point or another. It was frightening. But it does help knowing you are not the only one, as you said.

I still can't get over how cute Max's hair is. Faye has hardly any, and now wont let me put hers in pigtails. At least she likes her bows.

Brooke N said...

:) feel ya!

Arlen Wilcock said...

Em, you're a great lady and mom. I appreciate your honesty.

A Little Thing Called Life. said...

Aww! I feel for ya and it sounds so familiar!

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

I have never heard of fast Sunday on Easter, it is just not right. Really. I would boycott it and re-schedule it for the following week! But, I guess that is just the rebel in me. :)

Synergy Girl said...

SIGH....!!!! I AM NORMAL!!!!! You are amazing.....JUST amazing...!!! Thanks for that...I loved every sentence of it...!!!!