"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


a reason to eat peeps.
i've never wanted to eat more than one.
and i only ate that one out of yearly obligation.
kind of like candy corn at halloween.
i ate all three in the box.
and stood there screaming out,
chocolate meets peep.

vote for the PINK PISTACHIO here.
like i said,
once a day,


The Jackson Family said...

Is that a chocolate-dipped Peep?!

jen said...

I was going to devote an entire post to the chocolate peep and its deliciousness. But now I don't have to. They are DEEEE-VINE.
And I love that aquarium. It's right by my mother-in-law's house.

Amy said...

You and I are polar opposites when it comes to candy. I love peeps. I especially like to tear them apart and drop them in hot cocoa. Mmmm. And candy corn happens to be my all time favorite candy. Anything with peanut butter in it though... shudder.

Love that aquarium. It is so neat!

Emmy said...

I don't even eat the one a year- but those ones, yes I just might.

McVal said...

Wow! That looks like the Omaha zoo! Is it? So cool.
And chocolate peeps? awesome... Did you make them yourself? And have you ever had Peep wars in the microwave? fun. and yummy if you don't burn them too far...

Sue said...

Okay. I have dutifully voted again.

And I like the chocolate-meets-peeps idea!


keri said...

Try roasted peeps on the camp fire! Mmmmmm..... :)