"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I think my pop culture is lacking: ALOHA!!!

While on my flight I realized my pop culture knowledge is extremely lacking.
I did three crossword puzzles out of people magazine (none of which I was able to complete), ate pop chips (amazing), and drank my water faster than the stewardess could refill me up.
Can't wait for some guava juice.
Watched the in-flight movie AND sitcom.
With sound.
I know, amazing.
I analyzed the effectiveness of washing my hands in the lavatory.
There's no way to use that faucet without washing it too.
Or using your elbows.
And wrists.
Which I did.
I've never had time to think about this before, seeing as the last few times I've flown I've been awkwardly changing a baby's diaper in there or what felt like a large octopus whose arms and legs were longer and wider than the walls (unless I've shamefully just changed my child on the floor or seat in our row--I have no shame when traveling with children).
I played endless games of scrabble.
Ordered beverages for myself.
In one sitting.
Several times.
While breathing between bites.
And I got bored and checked the time.
A lot.
And they just kept bringing more drinks and more food.
I'm not even sure if I was hungry, but you better believe I ate it.
Pineapple, strawberries, grapes.
Pop chips.
I mentioned those already.
You must try them.
Hawaiian Cookies.
Little butter toffee crunchy things.
The turkey wrap dad made me this morning.
With the spicey mustard.
I haven't been this well fed and watered in years!
I still feel like I'm forgetting something.
More like someone.
I wish I could kiss my little babies on their gushy cheeks.
Sean too.
I wish you could smell this air.
Sweet, humid, flower.
Hits you right in the face when you step off of the plane.
Your eyes float up into the sky for a big blink,
Where your entire body releases EVERY worry you've ever had.
Oh happy day:)
I'm here!



T!FF said...

Cute post! Have a great trip. ;)

The Jackson Family said...

Have fun! And yes, Pop Chips are yummy! Next time you need help with a People crossword, just ask me.. I'm a pro ;)

jen said...

You'll never need to guess what you're gonna look like when you're older--sheesh. Identical. Have a great visit.

Sue said...

Have tonsa fun. You are going to appreciate your little family all the more when you get home!


Sarah said...

How fun Em!! Hope you have a great time, looks like you already are. I used to think you looked like your dad, now I have seen and picture of your mom and well... twins:) Beautiful ladies!

Amy said...

Sitting on a plane. Great time to get caught up on the pop culture. And I am impressed that you actually find time to blog!