"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I think my pop culture is lacking: ALOHA!!!

While on my flight I realized my pop culture knowledge is extremely lacking.
I did three crossword puzzles out of people magazine (none of which I was able to complete), ate pop chips (amazing), and drank my water faster than the stewardess could refill me up.
Can't wait for some guava juice.
Watched the in-flight movie AND sitcom.
With sound.
I know, amazing.
I analyzed the effectiveness of washing my hands in the lavatory.
There's no way to use that faucet without washing it too.
Or using your elbows.
And wrists.
Which I did.
I've never had time to think about this before, seeing as the last few times I've flown I've been awkwardly changing a baby's diaper in there or what felt like a large octopus whose arms and legs were longer and wider than the walls (unless I've shamefully just changed my child on the floor or seat in our row--I have no shame when traveling with children).
I played endless games of scrabble.
Ordered beverages for myself.
In one sitting.
Several times.
While breathing between bites.
And I got bored and checked the time.
A lot.
And they just kept bringing more drinks and more food.
I'm not even sure if I was hungry, but you better believe I ate it.
Pineapple, strawberries, grapes.
Pop chips.
I mentioned those already.
You must try them.
Hawaiian Cookies.
Little butter toffee crunchy things.
The turkey wrap dad made me this morning.
With the spicey mustard.
I haven't been this well fed and watered in years!
I still feel like I'm forgetting something.
More like someone.
I wish I could kiss my little babies on their gushy cheeks.
Sean too.
I wish you could smell this air.
Sweet, humid, flower.
Hits you right in the face when you step off of the plane.
Your eyes float up into the sky for a big blink,
Where your entire body releases EVERY worry you've ever had.
Oh happy day:)
I'm here!



T!FF said...

Cute post! Have a great trip. ;)

The Jackson Family said...

Have fun! And yes, Pop Chips are yummy! Next time you need help with a People crossword, just ask me.. I'm a pro ;)

jen said...

You'll never need to guess what you're gonna look like when you're older--sheesh. Identical. Have a great visit.

Susan Anderson said...

Have tonsa fun. You are going to appreciate your little family all the more when you get home!


Sarah said...

How fun Em!! Hope you have a great time, looks like you already are. I used to think you looked like your dad, now I have seen and picture of your mom and well... twins:) Beautiful ladies!

Amy said...

Sitting on a plane. Great time to get caught up on the pop culture. And I am impressed that you actually find time to blog!