"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, May 19, 2011

chirp chirp chirp

{brennan dressed himself for the first time today. from head to toe. and then he walked around so proud. it was really cute. and perfect for a rainy day.}
i finally pried battery door open with a used grape Popsicle stick that has been stuck to the floor in the basement for a month.
i've been meaning to pick it up.
good excuse:)
so i pried the door open.
flipped the battery out.
and declared VICTORY!
and then do you know what that nasty little fire detector did.
it kept chirping at me.
"not so fast, emily! i'm smarter than you!"
so what did i do?
i yanked that fire alarm right out of my ceiling.
take that!
and then do you know what happened?
that fire alarm sat there on my floor,
battery out.
jacked off my wall.
so now, it's sitting on top of the fridge in the garage.
chirping at the jeep.
and thankfully not at me.
i wash my hands of you fire alarm.
we are not friends until you have your battery replaced and you are safely guarding max's room again.
it's a good thing we have a fireman in our house to keep us save.
the end.
it's still raining. 
by the way.
thank heavens for target.
it's a happy place:)
we were like hansel and gretel walking through there with our two bags of popcorn.


The Jackson Family said...

I hope you shut that chirping thingy up quickly!

And yes, Target is definitely a happy place. Tyler loves it there and it's only a matter of time before Lauren does!

Amy said...

Where or where did you get the fireman rain suit? So so cute! And Target on a rainy day sounds like a perfect activity. I knew there was a reason I read your blog! Great ideas for things to do with the kidlets.

keri said...

You know what I hate about the fire alarms in my house? They always start chirping in the flipin middle of the night. And it always seems to be in either Maddie's room with the vaulted ceiling or the front room with the vaulted ceiling. So no matter what, we are pulling out the ladder in the middle of the night. Ahhhh!

Sue said...

Best fireman suit ever!


Emmy said...

Such cute pictures! Love that first one-bet outfit