"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, May 20, 2011


 happy friday.
it's milk day.
and it's still raining.
the thunder and lightening woke us grownups up at 430am.
lit up our bedroom like an atomic bomb.
with big loud BOOMS.
we looked out the window to make sure the tramp hadn't blown away.
sometimes it does that.
and then fell back asleep.
today i realized that my lawn has been watered all week.
for free.
can't beat free.
the weeds are growing back.
i feel like i just pulled them all out.
(i thought this weed was beautiful. an oxymoron in itself.)
i keep reminding myself that i'll be
and heat
at the end of july,
wishing for the comfort of some good ol' fashioned rain.
i just can't kick this
antsy feeling
of wanting to sit on the back patio,
under my umbrella,
with the sprinkler under the tramp:)
i think it's b/c it's our first summer with a yard of our own.
i'm normally not this excited about sunshine and heat.


Sue said...

Hope that sunshine comes back soon and stays for awhile!


McVal said...

Me too. I do want the rain for the yard, but would like to bask in warmth for once in the sun... And not just my car for the first few seconds after getting in it.

Amy said...

Wasn't that storm wonderful, though? I think it is because it is your first yard. Yards are so fun. I am excited for you.

Emmy said...

Yes- I know as we are starting house hunting a good yard is a must. Makes for a much happier mommy