"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, September 12, 2011

"adult" vitamins

i am a puker of vitamins.
always have been.
always will be.
right after sean and i got married i thought i was pregnant b/c i took my vitamins before i left for class and had to pull over on the way to puke up my breakfast.
i was not pregnant.
it was the vitamins.
so i try to take them right before bed,
but sometimes i just don't fall asleep fast enough.
it's not pretty.
so you know what i discovered today?
adult gummy vitamins.
and they are AMAZING.
i'm scared to have an entire bottle at my disposal.
might be hard to discipline myself to only one.
they are that good.
here we come target.
for my adult gummy vitamins.
that sounds like something you would buy if you wore depends.
"adult diapers" AND "adult gummy vitamins."
wait, i don't think they're called adult diapers anyway.
what do they call them?
we went to the rascal flatts concert on friday night.
white stage.
LED lights that made your eyes sparkle and zing.
kind of like what the adult vitamins do inside my mouth.
so on sunday brennan has my phone.
and he's looking at my pictures.
and then he says,
"mommy i cleaning up the pictures in the trash! i'm so good!"
at which point i realized he was deleting all of our concert pictures and videos.
before i had the chance to save them.
thank you brennan.
thank you for not trashing them all.
just the last 10.
my water was $4.75
it was worth every drop:)


Lisalulu said...

adult diapers..hmmm that depends. haha get it. (and WHY do I know of these things???????)

aubrey said...

We've used a program called Recuva to restore things my kids have deleted (like hospital pictures of my last baby... grrrr) Not sure how it will work with phone pictures but it could be worth a shot. Just google and download.

Amy said...

How helpful that boy of yours is! And what an awesome date night. Seriously! I am jealous. Not for Rascal Flats, I am not a fan, but for the seriously memory making date night you had. Heaven. And adult gummies? I am going to have to try those, because I am a vitamin puker as well. Good to know.

Emmy said...

Oh so glad he said something so you didn't lose them all! How fun that you got to go to the concert. The puking thing does not sound fun.

Sue said...

I can't believe how much they know about computers at such young ages! It's crazy.


Stephanie C said...

Holy smamoly...I never laughed so hard at a Blog post. I loved reading it. You ALWAYS make me laugh with your artistic way with words!