"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, September 11, 2011

a decade and still fresh

i had been away at my first year of college for only two weeks at chico state.
we didn't have tv in my dorm room.
and some time after 7am my friend from the 6th floor was banging at my door.
i groggily rolled out of bed, answered the door, and remember being in a state of confusion over what she was saying.
i pulled my roommate out of bed to come with us.
we ran down the stairs to get to ashley's tv.
all the while i was desperately trying to get ahold of my mom on my cell phone.
who was a flight attendant for united airlines.
as we walked into ashley's room i watched live just as the 2nd united flight slammed into the 2nd tower.
just then my mom answered on the other end of the phone with hello.
i burst into tears.
and still do.
every time i watch that 2nd united plane hit the 2nd world trade tower.
remembering what it felt like to think that my mom could have been on that flight.
never forgetting the sorrow of that day.
and our flag still stands for


Sue said...

It was horrific, and it still is.

But the flag still flies, and yes, it does still stand for freedom.


Amy said...

I cannot imagine the panic you must have felt! It is still so raw. I often wonder how soon it will before people forget. I say that, because often people forget the significance of December 7th. Hopefully it will stay raw and real and the gratitude and memory for those service men and women, the people on the flights, the people lost in those buildings will remain with us for much longer. God bless America!

Emmy said...

Oh wow- that would have been so scary...definitely a day I will never forget.