"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, September 22, 2011


do you know anything about harvesting sunflower seeds?
when they are ready?
i think mine are ready.
mainly b/c the birds are now picking them out.
like little built in bird feeders.
the clusters freak me out.
gross me out.
make my skin crawl.
but in a weird way,
i love to pluck them out.
like i'm cleaning out the clusters.
cluster-freeing them.
very refreshing.
so once they are out,
how do i roast them?
please just tell me.
i don't want to take the energy to google it.
i'd rather just have you give me the answer.
oh how this reminds me of high school chem and physics.
some things never change.
kind of like how i feel like i am never going to not feel sick again.
{did you have to read that twice for it to make sense?}
even though i realize that chances are that at some point i will feel better.
it still feels like this is my new reality.
and that i will be sick forever.
never love food again.
be cranky.
be tired.
be grumpy.
which begins around 2 pm every day.
in fact, every morning i wake up and think, "i'm all better!"
not going to be sick anymore!
and then comes the afternoon.
and i remember.
convenient though, if you ask me.
with two small kids to get up with in the mornings.
very convenient to not get sick until 2pm:)
{having done this two times before i know that i will eventually feel well--
but in brennan's case it took 20 weeks--
whoever decided 12 weeks was the magic #???
MUST have been a man},
my house is not clean.
but occasionally i clean the toilet when i can't stand it anymore.
i begged sean to vacuum last night.
he did.
bless him:)
the laundry doesn't make it out of the dryer and off of the drying rack before we wear it.
which is kind of nice when you have a two level house b/c i don't even have to go upstairs to get the kids dressed in the mornings.
max gets her binky whenever she wants.
brennan watches about 5 hours of tv a day.
and then plays pbskids for an indefinite amount of time.
sometimes i eat french fries before 11am.
i can smell max's diaper from a room away.
and any form of mexican food is in my daily diet.
but not cafe rio.
b/c one week i ate there 3 times.
and i now i cannot even drive by it without gagging.
that was the beginning of when we ate take out for 3 weeks straight.
it wasn't pretty.
i will continue to support taco bell and their drive thru that opens at 10am until i don't have to anymore.
and hope that someone will just tell me what to do with these sunflowers.
so i don't have to go look up the answer for myself.
b/c i'm not good at that when i'm feeling great.


The Wilson Family said...

get better soon!! winter is coming!

Amy said...

You really don't like clusters! In green peppers, in flowers, in anything. That makes me laugh.
Sorry, I don't know how to harvest sunflower seeds. I hope someone brilliant tells you though. And sorry about being sick. I always heard the magic number was 14 weeks. Here's hoping for week 14 and health for you!

Emmy said...

No idea-not a seed kind of girl. Here's for hoping that you feel better starting next week :) Hey it could happen right?

Lauren said...

Oh Emily! That made me laugh in a sad, "I know your pain" kind of way!! It will end eventually-- but yeah not always as 12 weeks. I was sick with Carson the whole pregnancy-- and we ate out WAY more often than we should have! :) Love the photo for you and miss max. Hang in there-- this too shall pass!

Sue said...

I always knew I was pregnant by how sensitive I became to smells. And how all of my favorite foods were suddenly unappealing. Even desserts!



PS. Hope it's 12 instead of 20 this time!

McVal said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling icky! My casa is your casa. Really!!! It sounded like you'd just described the state of my house too.

Katie said...

Aww, I remember weeks like that so well. Too well! Sometimes I feel sick just from looking at pictures that I took while sick and pregnant. Blerg. Hope it goes away soon and I love the bit about the clothes staying downstairs!

A Little Thing Called Life. said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling good! But, I do love this post :/ It is so relatable! Congrats too! Hope it goes by fast and you're feeling better soon!

keri said...

Hope you get feeling better. You were not quite as sick with Mckenzie were you? Mine was better with Max than Mads. I'm afraid if I do it again it will be horrible again. Your really freaking me out! lol!