"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

it's raining {fire}MEN!

the fire chief told us about fire suits today.
they are hot.
as in warm.
desert warm.
120 degrees warm in a fire.
which he said is actually cold.
he and i obviously have a different definition of cold.
his rebuttle was that the floor of a fire without a suit would be 1500-2000 degrees.
ok, so maybe 120 degrees is cold compared to that.
maybe he does have a point.

and the thing that makes a fire vehicle an actual truck?
the ladder.
which goes 100 feet up.

 they fell in love with max.

 when i was 18, these babies (aka jaws of life) pulled me out of my little honda civic.

 getting dressed in fire gear is quite the process.

 and when the oxygen mask goes on,
3 year olds get scared.
all of them.
it was really cute.

 do you know why they used to have Dalmatians as fire dogs?
i do:)
take a guess before you read the answer.
take a guess.
have you guessed yet?
stop reading and take a guess.
ok, ready to see if you were right?
firehouses had dogs to calm down the horses.
i'm not kidding.
they used to use horses to pull the fire equipment to fires in the olden days.
and the fires would get the horses scared.
so they figured out that Dalmatians calmed the horses down.
and have been associated with firemen ever since.
did you get it right?
i didn't.


Amy said...

What a fun trip! The oxygen mask would scare me too. Of course, it would be for a completely different reason. And of course they would be smitten with Max. I think everyone who lays eyes on her is.
I thought Dalmatians were just really good rescue dogs. I was way off.

Emmy said...

That looks like a fun field trip. I think I have heard that about the dogs just totally forgot it

Sue said...

I've heard those fire suits are incredibly heavy, too. Don't know how they do it!