"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, September 19, 2011

"lion monkey"

when i was in the third grade i had a friend that had this AMAZING soda.
i took a sip and i knew we were MFEO.
the drink.
sprite or something clear and bubbly.
grape syrup.
lime juice.
and one slice of lime.
i asked her where on earth this sweet nectar was made.
arctic circle she said.
and what was it called?
so that day i made my mom drive thru the drive thru (what a concept) and order me a LION MONKEY.
we repeated the name of that drink into the crackly speaker so many times.
they kept asking us if we were kidding and was this a joke?
the joke was them not giving me their drink of the gods.
GIVE IT TO ME NOW! i said!
my mouth is watering just remembering the anticipation.
after some time of back and forth with the person behind the speaker it was figured out that the drink was not in fact called a LION MONKEY,
but rather,
who knew?!?
oh the mind of a 9 year old.
every time i order one i think to myself,
they should have named this LION MONKEY:)
that would be better.
i took the kids there today.
ordered us 4 LION MONKEYS and let them take off to the slides.
at which point i ate a medium fry with fry sauce (mayo/ketchup sauce of glory)
then came the complimentary ice cream cones.
this was the most exciting part of arctic circle as a kid.
they used to walk around with dozens in trays that you could choose from.
2 chocolate, 2 vanilla.
one spilled drink.
and three happy kids:)

on the way home the boys analyzed and characterized who was a human and who was not.

humans that made the list:

mommy (b/c she is not a human, she is a mommy)

glad we could clarify that for everyone.
3 year olds are hilarious.
i love them.


Emmy said...

Well their logic makes sense to me. Your mom is totally cool to take you that day, mine would have said, maybe some Other time.

The Wilson Family said...

i miss fry sauce. i love that story. no wonder we became teachers Em! gotta love the mind of little kids. love ya miss ya. congrats on # 3. Is that a friend or are you babysitting? cousin?

McVal said...

I KNEW mommies weren't human!
How we know..

Kindra said...

Such a funny story! I love artic circle! One time my mom made dinner with "loin meat" I thought it said "Lion" and refused to eat it!

Amy said...

Lion Monkey. Makes sense to me. :) What a sweet mother you had to take you just because. I love that. I want to be that kind of mother.

Hmmmm, at least Max is human, right?