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Monday, October 3, 2011

an extra head for the mister.

it makes my nose itch.
i drool a lot more while i'm brushing.
and it hightens my gage reflex in the back.
but i feel like i've been to the dentist two times a day,
and hopefully my aggressive brushing will be a thing of the past.
my poor upper left gums.
recommended by my dentist.
and me.
$30 @ target.
with an extra head for the mister.
brennan has a spiderman one.
max hello kitty.
but theirs was $5.
teeth brushing has never been so exciting in the gibson home.
it's VERY exciting.
we're spending the day doing secret birthday stuff for sean.
can't wait for tomorrow for all of the big "unveilings."
i love birthdays:)


beck said...

electric is the only way to go. We are firm believers of the sonicare! Blame it on working in dentistry I guess. Gavin goes back and forth between Thomas the train and Dora. Just make sure to change your heads every 3 months and you can still cause problems with your gums so make sure you use the correct angle of the brush and don't do the brushing motion like you are used to, let the head do all the work. That are two of the biggest mistakes people make with the electric brush. You have to just keep your hand steady and let the brush do the work. Here's to healthier gums and new brushes!

The Wilson Family said...

YAY for birthdays. and very cool toothrbushes!

The Jackson Family said...

I love my Sonicare! Nice and polished after each brushing.

McVal said...

Yay for great toothbrushes! I wish toothbrushing at my house was exciting... I feel like I have to pay the kids to brush...

Ben and Katie Brown said...

love the scentsy warmer next to the toothbrush.

Emmy said...

Yes we have a fancy toothbrush like that- and I love love it. Eric had to get it as he used to brush too hard

Sue said...

I don't like the electric ones. I've tried to convert with no luck.


Amy said...

We had an electric when I was a kid, and I hated it. It tickled my whole head. :)
But feeling like you just got back from the dentist is pretty awesome, I must say!