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Saturday, October 8, 2011

happy harvest {from the patch to the porch}

we grew these.
i am proud:)
there are three more still on the vine.
tonight i was making pizza and bread sticks.
and decided that anything will taste good if you slather it in butter and garlic salt.
you can't go wrong.
my sunflowers turned yellow at the top this week.
and the birds are all fat from eating the seeds.
so i persuaded sean to cut down the beanstalks.
and that turned into our trip to the pumpkin patch.
which was a LONG walk to the back fence;)
pumpkins and sunflowers are my favorite things to grow.
absolutely no maintenance.
and beautiful harvests in the fall.
and let me tell you.
these pumpkins are perfect.
could not have picked more beautiful pumpkins at a regular patch.
but at the gibson patch,
we grow big, orange, juicy, fat pumpkins.
and i love them.

 happy havest!


Amy said...

Goodness, those are awesome! And the look of pure delight on Max's face says it all. When I have a house, I am so planting sunflower seeds and pumpkins. I have been so jealous of your garden this year. And your harvest. :)

keri said...

I love it! Max's face in priceless in that picture of her. Those ARE gorgeous pumpkins! I'm experiencing pumpkin envy right now. Maybe next year we will bag the squash and go with pumpkins. Halloween in so much stinkin fun with kids! :)

Tiffany said...

So fun!! And such a darling porch:)!

Sue said...

Those are some 1st class pumpkins!


Ital Meditations said...

Awesome pumpkins, looks like carving time! Kids look adorable :)

T!FF said...

yay! i told you, you could do it! they are beautiful and holy beanstock (sunflower) that is insane how tall it got! hope you are feeling better. ;)

McVal said...

Wow! It's probably the angle of the shows, but those sun flowers look ginormous!
What a fabulous time.

My Mercurial Nature said...

Wow, you seriously grow some impressive sunflowers and pumpkins.