"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


yesterday brennan burst into tears when i was taking down the halloween decorations.
devastated it was over.
he then burst into tears when he lost his tiger picture from preschool.
he then burst into tears when he realized his pirate jack-o-lantern had been taken from the front porch.
this was moments after he had burst into tears about the tiger picture from preschool.
which i assured him would be there on thursday to take home.
"no it won't! you left it!"
and where was his "punkin!?"
i told him the great pumpkin came and took his pumpkin to plant it in our garden again next year.
otherwise the "punkins" wouldn't be able to grow.
and then pointed to all of the other houses that were "punkin-less".
he was not satisfied with that.
told me there is no great pumpkin.
it says so on the show.
the day after halloween.


Jen said...

Poor little guy! So sorry that the after Halloween crash has come to your house!

Emmy said...

Oh you mean mommy! ;). Poor little guy- he obviously had fun with Halloween.

The Wilson Family said...

our dinosaur carved "punkin" molded during the crazy snow storm saturday and i wasn't home to give candy out. so no pumpkin and no candy. I felt like the wicked witch haha. november is here..lots of holidays. Hurray!!!!

Sue said...

Bryce loves Halloween so much that he just keeps talking about it all year long.

I guess you could say he carries the punkin in his heart...