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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

love me shutterfly

{the candy thief}
it's that time of year again.
shutterfly christmas cards!!!
LOVED our cards last year.
can't wait to get them again this year.
free again.
although, i'm not sure we'll go with the free christmas tree in our basement again.
we might be going real this year.
let's not overdo it.
the pre-strung lights might be too appealing...
either way, the shutterfly christmas cards are free again and that makes me love them even more.
will you love them too?
i hope so.
b/c our smiling faces will be on them bringing you christmas cheer.
click here for these favorites from their christmas cards:
very merry moments--lots of picture space=happy me
merry montage--love the snow falling in this one
with love--the one i ordered last year, still love it
little holiday bird--for you vintage lovers
click here for these favorites from their calendars:
vintage fleurs--hello christmas gift
bright and bold--i want this pattern
click here for all of your party throwers:
oh so merry--makes me want to order these and throw a holiday party with green olives and cheese platters
design ornaments--makes me want to buy lots of christmas tree balls and fill glass jars with them
lovely branches--please, can we put our tree up now???!!!
holy moly i thought there were tons last year that i loved,
but this year i just don't know if i can narrow it down to one favorite.
just know,
i may or may not have listened to a justin bieber christmas song while looking at all of these that i may or may not have purchased the day before halloween.
and it may have been absolutely lovely:)

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Sue said...

Can't believe Christmas is upon us already. And I have done very little about it.


I always send out a poem, so I don't need cards. But I know shutterfly does a great job. Heather uses them sometimes.