"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, November 5, 2011

twin boys that wouldn't sleep {bill clinton spits}

last night i dreamt that i had twin baby boys.
that wouldn't sleep.
i wasn't big and pregnant.
i wasn't even showing.
i just knew i was in labor.
and i floated the the hospital.
seeing as i don't really ever walk in dreams.
sometimes i try to run, and it's really hard, and i can't get anywhere.
those are the really frustrating dreams.
this dream was just really scary.
so i floated to the hospital.
and no one told me to do anything, i didn't feel any pain, even though i knew i hadn't had any drugs to help, and i had one baby.
then after a little bit longer i had another baby.
and i just kept thinking,
"how am i going to get brennan to blake's dinosaur party in park city???!!!"
sean had some work presentation he had to make so he couldn't take brennan.
i don't even remember him being at the hospital.
and my mom was there.
and they were sending me home an hour after i had the babies.
but i had to go to the bathroom so we stopped by our old church building and i went in and this girl from high school named Hilla was in there, so i left the stall open while i peed b/c i wanted to talk to her b/c i hadn't seen her in ten years.
and then all of a sudden she turned into jessie who was my sister's friend in high school that lived at our house for a few years after i graduated.
and she was yelling that bill clinton spit into a garbage can and threw up when he saw her friend and she was "so offended!!!" that he had done that b/c it was her friend.
and i was embarrassed that i didn't know who her friend was
(she had a first and a last name...i wish i could remember it...)
b/c i didn't want her to think i was uneducated,
you know, not knowing who her friend was,
so i didn't want to ask who she was,
so i was just going to ask her how she met her friend,
and then i woke up.
and was completely panicked that i was going to have two twin baby boys that wouldn't sleep.
and i was so mad at myself that i scheduled my ultra sound for 20 weeks and not 18 weeks b/c now i have to wait 2 more weeks to find out if i'm going to have twin boys that won't sleep.
and then i felt the white glow coming through the windows.
and I KNEW what it was.
i popped out of bed.
ran to the window.
took a really excited breath in.
ran to open my door.
and there was brennan in the hall whispering,
"it's snowing! it's snowing! it's wake up time! let's get max!!!"
and so we did.
and now we have to get dressed for blake's dinosaur party.
and that last part wasn't a dream:)

i still can't stop laughing about the part where bill clinton spit in the garbage can and threw up when he saw jessie's friend and jessie's all,
"i was SO offended b/c she's my friend!!!"


Sue said...

You and your crazy (and hilarious) dreams!


Gilbert Family said...

pregnancy always gives me weird dreams too. really funny. maybe there were lots of high school things because you have the reunion coming up? those pictures look magical!!!

Emmy said...

Being pregnant always leads to weird dreams. The Bill Clinton part is just so random :)

Fiauna said...

What a crazy dream. And now I have to ask, what is attached to Max's binky? I've never seen that before.