"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, January 13, 2012

there's no place like home

there's nothing i look forward to more than our famous pizza/soda night.
friday night.
created when we were dirt poor.
and needed something fun and cheap.
holiday oil for our sodas.
i get half diet pepsi or diet coke with dr. pepper or cherry pepsi.
depends on my mood.
sean mixes it up a lot more with his choices.
i pretty much stick to my habbits.
the kids get rootbeer or sprite.
with a shot of vanilla or lime to their liking. 
and a heaping bucket of popcorn for 99 cents.
then we come home and decorate our dough.
that has been rising while we were gone.
whole wheat never tasted so good.
toppings of our choice.
stuffed, buttered, and garlic'd crust.
mushrooms are the current favorite.
pepperoni is a staple.
brennan and i also love the purple onions.
there's no place like home.
on a friday night.
with my crew.


Stephanie C. said...

Emily, I LOVE reading your blog. There is something so down to earth and loving about each one! Well done!

jen said...

No place like home, especially when you have a pizza that looks like that!

Wendy Williams said...

Sounds like a most wonderful family tradition!

Sue said...

Pizza night is a great tradition! We had it too, every Friday.


Melissa said...

And I repeat... STOP IT RIGHT NOW! Pizza is officially on tap for lunch today. Thank you for that! hA!

Amy said...

Where do you go to get your drinks and popcorn? I love that tradition. Can't wait to start it up again. I miss things like that. I am making a list of things I am going to do when I have a home again. This just got added. Again.