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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

letters to Emily {recipes, proscuitto/prostitutes, & scary circus}

Dear Emily,
Sorry it has taken SOOOO long! It has been a great week and a hard one as well. Poor little Smithy has been sick, he is doing a lot better now so I am happy. We were supposed to have baby Bear blessed this past Sunday but since Smith is sick it was a no go. By the way that egg casserole looks amazing, need recipe. Speaking of recipes, I entered a recipe contest on ldsliving.com and I sent the recipe to my sister and she reminded me of something hilarious. I like to enter recipe contests for fun, I usually do a few a month, and there was one I entered that I used prosciutto in the recipe. Well, microsoft word doesn't like that word, seeing as it isn't english, and I used spell check before I submitted the recipe. After I sent it in, I looked it over to see exactly what they would see and microsoft word changed prosciutto to prostitutes! So the recipe said 10 slices of prostitutes? I ended up sending an edited one in and actually won, but I had to laugh when my sister said, "make sure that you spell prosciutto right!".... You should totally submit recipes into recipe contests. I love your food Emily! I don't think I have ever entered your house with out a smell of something delicious baking in the oven.
I attached a photo I took on Christmas eve, coming back from the abbey, these posters were all over Heidelberg and it just made me laugh!! So what is up with the red eared-white faced-clown-saxiphone playing-magician? I examined thos poster for a while, let's just say we didn't go to the Christmas Circus, but after seeing that we sure missed out!
You look teeny tiny by the way! What's up with that? Hopefully he will be a small baby. Bear rolled over the other day! I was in complete shock! Bryce and I worked on that forever with Smith, blood sweat and tears to get him to roll over. Bear did it completely on his own, we just set him on his tummy and flip he went! That was easy! I didn't know having a baby would be this easy, I thought it would be Smith all over again, but it's Bear, and I love it. Don't get me wrong Smith is the apple of my eye, but it takes a lot out of you sometimes.
Christmas and new years were great. On new years eve I was planning on cooking something so delicious so I got on the bus at 4 and went to town to do some shopping, when I got down town everything literally EVERYTHING was closed! I couldn't go home empty handed! So I noticed a chinese restaurant open and I ran inside (I am also running against the nursing clock, trying to make it back before Bear is hungry again) and odered a ton of delicious food. We ended up reading our fortunes after we screamed and danced after midnight. I think I will make that a tradition, chinese take out and fortunes on new years!!! It was fun. Miss you and wishing you comfort in your last trimester!!

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Sue said...

Always fun to read Beth's letters, too.