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Saturday, January 14, 2012

"war," pound, jump, & run

we couldn't convince max to wear the mask.
but she thought we were pretty funny in them.
i LOVE this life:)
brennan's list of things he is going to teach the baby goes as follows:
1. how to "war" {roar} like a dinosaur {but not in a scary way b/c he doesn't want him to be scared.}
2. how to pound his chest like a gorilla {he will then give you a demonstration, think tarzan}
3. how to jump up on a table {awesome}
4. how to run
5. how to stomp


The Jackson Family said...

He sounds so excited to have a little brother :) Still mum on #3's name, huh? Grr...

Sue said...

That is one lucky little brother-on-the-way!


Amy said...

Big brothers are the best. Brennan makes a great one.