"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, March 3, 2012

if you make your spiderman cupcakes the night before...

when throwing a 4 year old birthday party...
if you make your spiderman cupcakes the night before,
don't leave them on the counter.
they will melt overnight.
and you will have to refrost them all the next morning.
put them in the fridge.
then they won't melt.
it's never a bad thing to over plan.
you won't regret it.
touch your head,
touch your shoulders,
fold your arms
{in that order}
it works great.
for anything.
every time.
i promise.
don't plan on kids eating their food,
or anything other than candy and frosting.
spiders are scary in ice cubes.
this goes for all ages.
boys like masks.
girls don't.
boys like to spray each other with silly string.
girls don't.
ice cream punch/green goblin goo=winner.
try to say peter parker pizza 5x fast.
i bet you can't.
if your pinata hook breaks 3x in a row,
just tie the rope around its neck.
and then when the neck breaks and the head falls off,
poke a hole in the back.
when that breaks,
just dump the candy out.
the kids won't care.
they just want the candy anyway.
eating candy is a filler activity.
a neighbor who dresses up in an adult spiderman costume is the 
on the planet.
{i promised no pictures or names would be disclosed on the blog or fb,
so just imagine it. it was AWESOME!!!
like i said,
brennan was star struck.
and now he KNOWS for sure,
having your husband,
a GREAT friend,
{thank you brooke!!!}
a cousin named Audrey,
and yourself
is all you need for helpers.
no more,
no less.
trust me.
he made the web.
i LOVE him:)
 peter parker pizzas
spooky spider ice cubes that escaped from the laboratory.
don't worry, they're just pretend.
but that didn't comfort the 4 year olds.
except brennan.
he thought it was cool.
i loved it too:) 
but they did creep me out.
spider hunt
while the peter parker pizzas cooked:) 
{pita bread, sauce, cheese, pepperoni or not, 350* 10 min.}
slam dunk!
or spider dunk.
green goblin goo
{aka sherbet & sprite--brennan was in heaven}
they only had rainbow,
but no one argued with me calling it green.
 making spiders
{gum drops and tooth pics} 
it reminded me of making soap ants in the first grade.
spraying each other with "spiderwebs."
the girls stood on the porch steps.
it was really cute.
and there went $30 in silly string.
that's what i said after 10 cans were gone in 10 minutes.
or maybe it was less.
i think it was less.
but i'll bet it was their favorite part.
and they really did get out every last web.
{i'm exhausted. i think i'll sit on my couch for 2 days. maybe more.}
but holy moly,
that was fun:)
seriously though,
can i go to bed before it's dark???
{btw, brennan is STILL in his spiderman costume. going on the entire day.}


Gilbert Family said...

you should recieve 'mom of the year" award for being 8 months preggo & throwing the best party ever! wat to go mama!!! one lucky boy. happy 4th b!

Erin Ellsworth said...

we just had a spiderman b-day party too! Super fun, and yes a lot of work!

Amy said...

I just decided. Will you plan my kids parties from now on? Heaven for them. And I am convinced Keith and Brennan would be such good friends!

Lani said...

Emily you are a master party giver. You amaze me!

Love you

Cathy Hansen said...

So adorable!! Brings back memories of lots of kid parties we had in the day! Love you

Aunt Jen said...

Thanks again for sharing, I miss you guys! The kids are getting so big...... They are beautiful! Em when are you due? You look great.

Jan Phillips said...

Very awesome!

Stephanie C said...

Oh Emily, Brennan and Max are such a lucky kiddos. What a fun party.

Aris said...


Sue said...

Clearly you are the birthday party-giving queen.

So crowned.


Gma & Gpa T said...

Emily, loved your pictures and prose. Great party. Your children are very fortunate to have parents who care about their happiness.

Much love, GMJ and GPD

Arlen Wilcock said...

What a lot of fun! And a lot of work! Cute kids!

David Allen said...

You guys are so awesome!

Lara Conran said...

So Cute Emily. What a fun party. Matts boys would have loved something like that. They are big super hero fans too. Your such a fun mom.