"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, March 30, 2012

city creek {a photo gallery}

it was now or never for my grand tour of the new mall in downtown salt lake city.
calling it a mall seems to feel like an injustice though.
it is a shopper's dreamland.
a spectacle of architectural bliss.
with a fountain made by the bellagio creators themselves.
{i've heard the fire/water/music show at night is quite the treat}.
every store you could ever want in one location.
fish, a creek running through, live plants and trees.
and an outdoor/indoor roof for any weather the state might experience.
and in utah,
we can experience all 4 seasons in the same day.

nordstrom kid's had us at hello.
we had to bribe them with balloons and chocolates to get them out.
and then we were really in trouble.
b/c max found the shoes.
first the steve madden sandals.
with sparkles.
she would pat her chest saying "me, me, me,"
and then hand you the shoe while she took off her own to try them on. 
 then she found rows upon rows of more shoes.
and ran her fingers delicately across them all.
so so so
and then she found the pink sparkle toms.
we have a serious problem on our hands here.
a shoe girl.
i ADORE her for it.
for now...
note to self:
must bring children in swim suits.
or bring extra clothes.
he left with dripping pants.
but said he didn't care.
if he's good with it,
i'm good with it:)
but i think the weather was what really made it work out ok.
or maybe it was the carmel/chocolate apples
we used to bribe them away from the fountains.

in case you were wondering.
and i think i got another sunburn.
the security guards did not like that i was letting my kids put their feet in the creek.
and shooed us away right after i took this.
party poopers.
the popcorn is popping downtown too.
i just can't get enough.
 everyone should have a baby in the spring,
when the blossoms are popping.
there's nothing that could make the waiting anymore worth waiting for.
i'm in love with everything around me.
it's just all so romantic.
and breathtakingly beautiful.
i love my kids.
i love my husband.
i love my life.
remind me of this when i'm sleep deprived and having a complete meltdown in 3 weeks.
with poo up to my elbows.
spit up on the shoulder of every shirt in my closet,
and have cranky kids with a super impatient mom {me} that can't handle the smallest of catastrophes.
may the odds be ever in my favor,


Sarah said...

Super cute post, Em. You look beautiful and wow that belly is RIPE! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of you kissing Max. Good luck tomorrow!

Katie Hammon said...

That mall looks very dreamy! I love what you said at the end, "may the odds be ever in your favor." ;) That's what I said I'm gonna start saying to everyone. Haha! Good luck with everything!

Kels said...

I know the baby is coming anytime...have a safe delivery and glad the parents will be there! Let's try to all Skype at some point so I can see the new addition to the fam!

Laurissa Hansen said...

We almost went there today! And I have to say how much I love your hair color!!

Amy said...

How rude of the security guard to make your kids get out of the stream. Cutest photo ever! I am so glad you got a picture of it. And oh my goodness, you are in trouble with the shoes! Coming from a two year old, though, I think that may be one of the cutest fetishes ever.
I am holding out going to City Creek until the hype dies down a little. Jeffrey hates crowds, and I hate taking the kids places that are overly crowded. Something about them loving to explore worries me a bit. Love your pictures!