"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, March 29, 2012

yes! yes i am!

yep, STILL pregnant.
and there is no avoiding it now,
everyone answers my phone calls with,
"are you in labor?!"
i love that my calls are answered after 2 rings
in the middle of
work meetings,
and showers.
it's quite the charade:)
ok, no one has answered my call in the shower.
but if i call you this sunday,
just know that i won't be able to restrain myself
on such a holiday as april fool's day.
and i will answer,
even if i am not.
and you won't really know if i'm telling the truth.
wouldn't it be funny if i were though?
and no one believed me?
how is it possible that i'm sad it's almost over.
but can hardly contain my excitement to be done???
water break!
sunday please?


Fiauna said...

I know you know how to make that happen : ). Walking, I mean. Go walking and walking and walking . . . .

becca said...

hehe you do that and everyone will be after you for pulling such a joke

Kindra said...

My sister's birthday is April 2nd. My Mom woke my Dad up in the middle of the night (still April 1st) to tell him that she was in labor...he didn't believe her :)

Stacy Gilbert said...

you are awesome. hang in there. you have an evil but wonderful since of humor. PLEASE dont put a picture of a fake baby on april 1st. i will never forgive you ;)

Jessica Meyer said...

You are just too stinkin cute!

Camillia Gregory said...

This cracks me up. And gives me fun April Fool's ideas. bwahahaha!

Emmy said...

My SIL was born on April fool's day. Eric's parents never taught her about the day as they didn't want her to think her bday was a joke. But then when she was only 4, at the end of her birthday they asked if she had a good day and she started crying and saying no. And they were all, oh no and asked why not- to which she promptly replied "April fools!"

So yea, that might be a good day to go for it ;)

Amy said...

Saweet! That would be awesome for a birthday. I never told anyone when I was in labor having the baby. People are too impatient and call at the worst times. My mom found out when I was in the hospital with Faye and called while I was in labor. I wanted to rip the phone out of the wall and chuck it out the window. No drugs for me, remember? :) I can just imagine the kind of pranks you will be playing on people come Sunday. :) Perfect!

Amy said...

So I am rather redundant for commenting again, but I have been thinking. If you say you had your baby today but don't no one will be all that fooled because you already told us your plans, but if you DO have your baby today, no one is going to believe you. And I think THAT is the best April Fools joke of them all! Just sayin.

Have a wonderful Conference Sunday, and have that baby already!

Kelly Collett said...

You are SO funny! Can I have your number just so I can call you on Sunday?!? :)

Kelly Collett said...

You are SO funny! Can I have your number just so I can call you on Sunday?!? :)