"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

max needs a cage

max wanted cereal.
max wanted cereal on her stool.
i didn't want to clean up spilt cereal on the floor b/c i knew max couldn't hold a bowl of cereal, sit on a stool, and feed herself all at the same time.
we have tried before.
it doesn't end up getting in the mouth.
just on the floor.
and i surely did not want to clean it up off of the kitchen floor.
oh the irony.
so i told max she needed to eat said cereal at the table.
max said "no!"
and shook her head.
then climbed up to the table.
only to use her little hand with little fingers to grab onto the side of her little bowl.
and then in a split second,
fling that bowl flying at my face.
full of milk might i add,
over her head and right at me.
which i dodged.
this is what i said.
i felt like a grown up using the middle name.
and then i grabbed her little arm and pulled her to the big stairs.
where i spent the next 2 minutes putting her little bum back into time out.
b/c she thinks it's funny to stand up after you sit her down.
and try to run away.
and so forth.
i really need to go down into the basement for the booster seat so i can strap her little bum to it for time out.
this is what i was thinking.
then after what felt like 2 min. had passed she said sorry, we kissed and hugged, and i told her to see how fast she could get all of the little "cereals" back into the bowl.
and i was feeling so proud
when she walked right over and started picking up the little cereals.
she walked that cereal to the little stairs
and threw it down the little stairs
while laughing in delight.
i think my eyes got big and wide.
and my mouth definitely dropped open.
and the break process repeated.
for 15 min.
and did i ever walk myself down to the basement for that booster seat?
but i surely spent the entire 15 min. and three bouts of time out thinking about how much i wished i had the other two times before.
three attempts later max picked up that cereal,
and i sopped up wet milk from the carpet.
and declared maybe i would be calling the carpet cleaners after all.
seeing as orange juice was brennan's nemesis at the table yesterday.
dang carpet under my kitchen table.
carpet is not cute.
but max is.
which is good.
b/c cute is the only thing that helped me kiss and make up.
she needs a cage.
or a booster for her bum to be strapped to during time out.
when did brennan become the easy one?
did i mention she put an entire roll of toilet paper into the potty while i was sopping up the milk from the carpet?
she did.
see what i mean?
have mercy.


Emmy said...

Funny how that transistion of troube maker just seems to shift from one to the other. Why can't it just go away all together?

Erin Ellsworth said...

Good Luck Em! You do have your hands full.
Not that it makes it any easier, but my Weston was like that. I could not keep up with the trouble and messes. It is better now. He is still my hardest, but he doesn't make as many messes.

jen said...

Laughing. Seriously. Why is it funny when it's somebody else's carpet and kid?
Keep smiling. She'll be jealous of a baby before long!

Sue said...


I think you should talk Sean into fetching that booster seat for you!


Mommy Inconsistent said...

Oh, carpet cleaning...us too! It's a disaster! You're not alone...it's a good thing mine are cute too! hehe

Stephanie Cobabe said...

Oh my. LAUGHING! What a good Mommy you are. My kids HATE time-outs and I still use them, and they still work. Mind you, 11, 12, and 13! It is a real bummer when you are 13 and spending 13 minutes in time-out. However, it works and I LLLLLOOOVVVVEEEE them

Amy said...

Selective laziness... That is what calls it. When you asst being lazy about something and it causes more work for you in the long run. You, my friend, have a seriously bad case of selective laziness. And it is a good thing she is so stinking cute. Good luck with her! She refuses to be a middle child, it is plain to see. She WILL stand out. :)