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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

letters to Emily {eczema, st pat's, & follow the prophet}

Coo Coo Ca Choo Mrs. Gibson,
I am glad you are trying the drops! I love them, I usually just do once a day during the cold season. I like the brand you got, it looks like a really fun bottle. Bears eczema is getting better, so we can start taking pictures of him again! Both Smith and Bear got the worst eczema, I don't know why? Anyway, It is definitely spring here in Heidelberg. I love love love it. Just counting down the days till Easter and summer. I love Easter, my second favorite holiday. First Christmas. Do you have any Easter traditions...I am sure you do, you are the tradition lady! I love it!
Yes, they do have hot water and pressure in Germany, My apartment doesn't have the best hot water or pressure, but it is a lot better than when I was on my mission. I am looking forward to seeing your little guy so much. He is probably going to be a little angel like you.
Today in church Smith got to be the "prophet" in his class, the kids in his class all sang 'follow the prophet' while they did what Smith did. The teacher was explaining it to me half in german so I didn't really get everything, but for the most part I could understand her. I am planning an ALL GREEN dinner on St.Patricks day. I am so excited! We are going to have sauteed green beans, green salad, pesto chicken and spinach pasta. For dessert Lime bars instead of lemon bars. We will see how they turn out. It should be fun. What are you doing for St. Patricks day? Do you remember how Chico is during St.Patricks day? It is crazy! I am actually very glad to not be near Chico on St.Patricks day.
Why do people have to have eczema? It doesn't make any sense? Little Bear is still suffering, not as bad, but he still itches everywhere. Remember with Smith I started getting anxiety over him not reaching milestones, well I am starting to do that with Bear. Even though he is leaps and bounds ahead of where Smith was at his age. He just needs to crawl and walk already so I don't feel this way. What does a normal...sorry, a neuro-typical child do at four months? I do love seeing him discover new things. Sometimes Smith will rest his hand on Bear and it is the cutest thing. I am looking forward to raising a child with a special needs brother. Smith brings a different perspective that you can't get anywhere else. Bear will definitely love his brother Smith...I mean, how could you not? Anyway, you are the best and I miss the U.S. of A and you. LOve you



Dana said...

Seriously, why DO people have to have eczema? Katelyn has had it since October. Such a pain, but hooray for Aquaphor!!

Sue said...

Yep, Aquaphor is a good thing!


beck said...

G has had eczema since birth. It has only gotten worse as of a month ago. We have been using Melaleuca's Renew for the past 2 months. Big fan of Aquaphor and aveeno too. The most effective is consistent hydration and cooler baths and less time in the water. Dry heat also makes it worse. As for Beth and the milestones, I'm right there with her. I treasure every little improvement G makes and treasure seeing infants make those simple little steps that so many take for granted. Here's a link to developmental milestones for a 4 month old. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/002007.htm