"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Baby noises & head smells

Nursing cramps are the pits.
Zophran and perkiset are wonderful.
Chase's little baby noises and the smell of his head are intoxicating.
Cheesecake factory take out, homemade apples and cheese snacks (thank you parents), and a book with an afternoon nap made me want to stay in the hospital for three days instead of two.
Seeing Brennan hold chase's binky in and play games on Sean's phone laying next to him made me want to be home with my family.
A shower brought me back to human status.
And fat sumo baby cheeks make me want to sit and kiss chase all day.
Brennan agrees.
I LOVE me a big fat chubby baby!!!


Erin Ellsworth said...

So cute.

Sue said...

Seriously? They let you take percocet when you're nursing??

My doc only let me take tylenol. And yes, those cramps were painful.


Emmy said...

Oh that first picture!! Love love! In your spare time- ha right- email me that first one ;)

Amy said...

Squeal! I love fat babies! They are the best. Skinny babies are cute too... I guess, but nothing compares to the rolls, and the cheeks, and the soft squishiness when you hug them.
Nursing cramps, for me, are nearly as bad as right before delivering the baby. Those contractions. I don't envy you. And they get worse with each child, or so I have been told. Good luck with that one. I am glad you have meds to help take the edge off.